Choreographed by 	Angela Pinnington & Peter Kimber 04/10 ~ 01993 831248
Description 	Partner dance (48 counts) Start in Closed Western - Man facing LOD
		Opposite feet throughout - Man’s steps given.
Music 		Twinkle, twinkle, lucky star - Kalibre CD: That’s the way love goes
		(For every inch I’ve laughed) I’ve cried a mile - Doug Stone
		CD: I thought it was you
		NO INTRO - Start on word "STAR" - "Twinkle,twinkle lucky STAR"
	Rock,Recover,Shuffle Forward X 2
1,2, 	Rock left forward, recover onto right
3&4 	left shuffle forward
5,6, 	Rock right forward, recover onto left
7&8 	right shuffle forward
	"BOX" (Turn ¼ right)Side shuffle x 3,rock,recover
9&10 	(turn ¼ right to face OLOD) left shuffle to side
11&12 	(turn ¼ right to face RLOD) right shuffle to side
13&14 	(turn ¼ right to face ILOD) left shuffle to side
15-16 	Rock onto right with ¼ turn right to face LOD,recover on left
	(both slide rear arms to waist level with forward arms pointing down LOD)
	Shuffle Fwd,step FWd,point to side, shuffle Fwd,step Fwd, step back with ½ left
17&18 	Right shuffle forward
19-20 	step left forward,point right to side
21&22 	Right shuffle forward
23-24 	Step left forward,step right back with ½ turn left to face RLOD
	(Release rear arms as turn - keep forward hands - now held on inside)
	Shuffle back,step back,point to side, step behind,touch in front,shuffle fwd to RLOD
25&26 	Left shuffle back
27-28 	Step right back,point left to side
29-30 	Step left behind right,touch right in front,right
31&32 	Shuffle forward to RLOD
	Step over,step to side,step behind,step to side,
	step forward,step forward with ½ turn right,shuffle forward
33-36 	Step left over right,step right to side,step left behind right,step right to side
	(Both facing RLOD Man passes across in front of Lady going under her
	raised left arm - then releasing for turn on Count 37)
37-38 	Step left forward,step right forward with ½ turn right to face LOD
39&40 	Left shuffle forward
	(Pick up inside hands as shuffle forward)
	Step forward,brush forward,(turn ¼ right) side shuffle,
	step behind,step forward with ¼ turn left,shuffle forward
41-42 	Step right forward,brush left forward,(turn ¼ right to OLOD)
43&44 	Left shuffle to side
	(pick up in double hand hold with Lady)
45-46 	Step right behind left,step left forward with ¼ left to LOD,
	(Release trailing hands)
47&48 	Man - right shuffle forward Lady - left shuffle with ½ turn right under forward arms
	(Pick up in Closed Western ready to start again)
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2010