Truck's Dance

Choreographer 	Pizzaia Mauro
Description: 	32 Count Beginner Partner Dance Start face to face and holding hands
Music: 		Beer Run - Garth Brooks [The ultimate Hits, disc 2].

1-4 	Man - Steps forward. Left, right, left, right.
	Lady - Steps back. Right, left, right, left.
5-8 	Man - While leaves his right hand and raises his left hand,
	step left and turn 1/4 left, step right, left right in the place.
	Lady - Turn 3/4 right, under her right arm, with right, left, right and left in the place
	Now position, face to face and left hand man with right hand Lady.
1-4 	Man - Raises his left hand, and step left, right, left, right in place.
	Lady - Turn 1/2 left. Left, right, left, right in place.
	The Lady has her hands crossed in front
5-8 	Both - step forward. Left, right, left, right.

1-4 	Both - Body roll, Bend lightly your knees, move forward the pelvis,
	going up you lightly move all your back as a wave.
5-8 	Man - Raises only his right hand and right grapevine, right side,
	cross left behind, right side, point left next right
5-8 	Lady - Raise only her left hand. Full turn left. Left side and 1/4 left,1/2 turn
	left and right back, turn 1/4 left and left side, point right next left.

1-4 	Man - 1/4 turn left, step left, right and while close left next right turn 1/2 left, give a shot of ass.
1-4 	Lady - 1/4 turn right, step right, left and while close right next left turn 1/2 right,
	give a shot of ass. New position, back to back.
5-8 	Both - Pivot right (step right forward and turn 1/2 left), hold, close right next left.
	Repeat						January 2020