Triple Tipple

Choreographed by 	Dave & Lesley Mather See (Contact
Description 	54 count Partner Dance. Start in Closed Western Position.
		Opposite Feet Throughout. Gent facing L.O.D. Lady R.L.O.D. Gent’s steps given, except where stated
Music 		Drink On It - Blake Shelton from CD Red River Blue, 94 bpm
Alternative Music 	Here In The Real World - Alan Jackson, 88 bpm
	Triple x2, walk, walk,
1-6 Left triple fwd, right triple fwd, walk L, walk R
	Triple x2 in promenade, turn to reverse.
7-12 	¼ turn R Left triple as side together side, right cross triple, step fwd L turning ¼ R, step back R.
	(Count 11 man takes larger step, lady takes smaller as man steps in front of lady maintaining closed western hold)
	¼ triple x2, walk, walk. 			Triple x2, full turn left
13-18 	¼ turn R Left triple, ¼ turn R Right triple, walk fwd 		R & L triples fwd on L diagonal, full turn L on R. L.
	on L. & R.
	(Count 13 release R hand, take L hand over lady’s head on count 17 & 18)
	(Man takes small steps so lady finishes to man’s L side in single hand hold)
	Triple x2, roll full turn across to change sides.
19–24 	Left triple fwd, right triple fwd, full turn Lt (Lady turns Rt) as partners pass to change sides on L. R.
	(On count 23 release Lt hand as lady passes in front of man. Pick up inside hand hold after count 24)
	Triple x2, walk, walk 				Triple x2, full turn Lt in right side wrap
25–30	 Left triple fwd, right triple fwd, walk L, walk R		 Rt triple fwd, Lt triple fwd, full turn Lt into a right side wrap
	on R. L.
	(On count 30 join gent’s Lt & Lady’s Rt hand)
	Triple x2, walk, walk 				Triple x2, ½ turn Rt
31-36 	Left triple fwd, right triple fwd, walk L, walk R 		Rt triple, Lt triple, ½ turn RT on R. L.
	(On count 35 raise gent’s Lt hand, keep Rt hand low)
	Triple x2, walk, walk				 Triple ½ Rt x2 into hammerlock, walk back R.L.
37-42 	Left triple fwd, right triple fwd, walk L, walk R ½ turn Rt,	Rt triple. ½ turn right Lt triple. Walk back R & L.
	½ Pinwheel turn in hammerlock
43-46 	Left & right triple in clockwise ½ pinwheel turn
	¼ turn Right to face partner 			¾ turn left to face partner
47-48	 Small step back L. ¼ Rt on R. ¼ turn Lt on R. ½ turn Lt on L.
	(On count 47 raise Lt hand, release Rt. Pick up double hand hold after count 48)
49-54 	Cross triple, ¼ triple, walk, walk. (Lady completes ½ turn)
49&50 	Cross L. over R on triple step.
51&52 	¼ turn Rt to LOD on Rt triple. (Maintain double hand hold)
53-54 	Walk fwd L. R. 				Step fwd on R. turning ½ Lt, step back L.
	(Count 53 release lead hand, raise trailing hand over Lady’s head,
	Lady turns in front of man into Closed Western Position to restart dance)
Note: 	This dance, based on Triple Two Step should be done in a relaxed, smooth fashion and can
	 be done to any slow, similar rhythm.
	Happy dancing.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2012