Tricked Out

Choreographed By

Rich & Debi Krajcsovics (Sept. 2006)
Description 40 count, Intermediate Partner Dance
Man & Ladies footwork are the same unless noted
Music Sunshine And Summertime - Faith Hill

	Walk, Walk, Shuffle L,R,L, Walk, Walk, Shuffle R,L,R
1-2	Walk forward L,R
3&4	Shuffle L,R,L
5-6	Walk forward R,L,
7&8	Shuffle R,L,R
	Cross Rock, Recover, Triple In Place L,R,L, Cross Rock Recover  Triple To Right
1-2 	Cross rock L over R,
3&4	Rock back on R, triple in place L,R,L
5_6	Cross rock R over L
7&8	Rock back on L,  Right triple step R,L,R
Turning, Man wants to move over behind the lady during the  turn, 
	ending up both facing back line of dance
Hands, 7&8, drop ladies R hand taking L hand over her head & pick up R
	hand after the half turn. Both hands are now at waist 
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle L,R,L, Rock, Step,  Right Side Shuffle Step
1-2	Walk forward L,R, (RLOD)
3&4	Shuffle step L,R,L
5-6 	Rock forward on R, rock back on L
7&8	Make  turn R as you side shuffle R,L,R
Turning, Man takes large steps as you do a side shuffle, while lady takes small steps. 
	Man now behind lady facing inside line of dance
Hands, 	during the turn man drops ladies L hand, bringing ladies R hand 
	over her head picking up ladies L hand after turn.
	Cross, Step, Behind, 1/4 Step, Shuffle L,R,L, R,L,R
1-4	Cross step L over R, step R side right, step L behind R, 
	making  turn right stepping forward on R
Turning, Now facing line of dance in reverse sweetheart position
5-8	Shuffle forward L,R,L, Shuffle forward R,L,R
	1/4 Turn, 3/4 Turn, Walk, Walk, Shuffle L,R,L, R,L,R
1-4 	Man - steps L to L in front of lady making  turn Left, step R in front of L 
	making  turn Left, walk forward L,R 
	Lady - steps L to L making  turn left, step R foot over left stepping  turn left, 
	walk forward L,R
Turning, after turn both man & woman are facing line of dance in sweetheart position
5-8	Shuffle forward L,R,L, R,L,R
	Dance begins again. Good luck & enjoy.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2006