Travellin` Shoes

Choreographed by 	Heather Staddon 01603954148
Description 	64count partner dance sweetheart position same footwork
Music 		Hanging up my Travellin` Shoes - Alabama CD: My Home in Alabama
		Must be a Woman - Gordy Bamford CD Is It Friday Yet
		I just canít see - Billy Yates CD Bills Barber Shop

1-16 	Step touch shuffle rock recover shuffle
1-8 	Step forward right touch left behind left shuffle back
	Rock back right recover left right shuffle forward
9-16 	Step forward left touch right behind right shuffle back
	Rock back left recover right left shuffle forward
17-20 	Step slide shuffle, change sides, Triple in place
	Step right slide left right shuffle forward
21-24 	Lady step left right Ĺ turn right to manís left shoulder left shuffle on spot RLOD
	Man cross left behind right step right to side left shuffle on spot LOD
25-28 	Both rotate Ĺ Turn left, Shuffle,
	Both step right left, lady shuffle back Man shuffle forward
29-32 	Man step fwd Left pivot 1/2 turn Right taking left hand over mans head ,left shuffle forward LOD
	Lady rock back left recover left shuffle forward
33-40 	Both Step right slide left right shuffle fwd step left pivot Ĺ turn right, left shuffle back facing RLOD
41-48 	Step lock shuffle back rock recover shuffle forward
	Both step back right lock left right shuffle back
	Left rock back recover left shuffle forward
49-52 	Pivot Ĺ shuffle forward
	Both step right pivot Ĺ left right shuffle forward LOD
53-56 	Both Full Turn Shuffle Forward
	Full turn right Step left right left shuffle forward LOD
57-64 	Step Slide Shuffle Forward
	Step right slide left right shuffle forward
	Step left slide right left shuffle forward
	Start again					October 2017