Too Much Tequila
Choreographed by Paul & Sharon Hergert (11/05) ~ 
Description  32 count partner/circle dance, beg/inter. Start in Closed Position,
opposite footwork, Man facing LOD, lady facing RLOD
Music  Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off by Joe Nichols. Start on vocals, 
eight (8) count intro

	Man 					Lady
	Shuffle, Shuffle, ¼ Turn, Lady Turns, Cross Shuffle
1&2 	Shuffle forward LRL 				Shuffle back RLR
3&4 	Shuffle forward RLR 				Shuffle back LRL
5-6 	Rock fwd on L, pivot ¼ turn right step to 		Rock back on R, pivot ¼ turn left step to
	side on right 				side on left
7&8 	Cross shuffle L over R, step R to R side, 		Turns full turn to left, turn ½ L crossing R over L,
	cross L over right 				turn ¼ L step back on R, turn ¼ L crossing R over L,
						end in double hand hold
Hands: 	Counts 5-6 go into double hand hold, count 7 raise man’s left lady’s right, drop
	mans right lady’s left, lady turns left under man’s raised left, end in double handhold
	facing partner, man OLOD lady IOLD
Option: 	counts 7&8 lady does not turn doing cross shuffle R over L, RLR
	Side Rock Recover, Cross Shuffle, ¾ Turn, Shuffle Forward
1-2 	Rock to R side, recover to L side 			Rock to L side, recover to R side
3&4 	Cross shuffle R over L, step side L, 		Cross shuffle L over R, step side R,
	cross R over L 				cross L over R
5-6 	Release lady’s left turn ¼ R stepping back on L, 	Release man’s right turn ¼ L stepping back on R
	release lady’s R pivot ½ R on L stepping fwd 	release man’s L pivot ½ L on R stepping fwd on L
	on R joining inside hands facing LOD 		joining inside hands facing LOD
7&8 	Shuffle forward, L-R-L	 			Shuffle forward, R-L-R

	½ Turn Pivot, Shuffle, Rock Recover , ½ Turn Shuffle
1-2 	Step forward on R release inside hands, pivot 	Step forward on L release inside hands, pivot
	½ turn L step fwd on L join inside hands (RLOD) 	½ turn R step fwd on R join inside hands (RLOD)
3&4 	Shuffle forward RLR 				Shuffle forward LRL
5-6 	Rock forward on L, rock back on R beginning 	Rock forward on R, rock back on L beginning
	½ turn L 					½ turn R
7&8 	Release inside hands pivot ½ turn L on R, 		Release inside hands pivot ½ turn R on L
	re-join inside hands shuffle fwd LRL (LOD) 		re-join inside hands shuffle fwd RLR (LOD)
	Shuffle Twist Out. Shuffle Twist In, Lady ½ Turn Right, Coaster Step
1&2 	Shuffle fwd RLR twisting away from partner 		Shuffle fwd LRL twisting away from partner
3&4 	Shuffle fwd LRL twisting toward partner 		Shuffle fwd RLR twisting toward partner
	touching mans’ left to lady’s right 		touching lady’s right to man’s left
5-6 	Rock fwd on R, recover on L 			Step fwd on L, pivot ½ turn right stepping
						fwd on R to face man (RLOD)
7&8 	Step back on R, step together on L, 		Step fwd on L, step together on R
	step forward on R 				step back on L
Hands: 	count 5 raise inside hands, count 6 lady turns ½ left under raised hands, back into closed 
	position facing man. At end of turn lady centers herself in front of man in closed position
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2005