Choreographed by Terry Hogan, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.  5/97 - 07 3357 
Description 32 count partner dance, In Sweetheart Position Facing Forward LOD 
*Unless specified both partners use the same footwork.
Music Bad Day For The Blues - David Ball

1&2	Shuffle forward diagonally L [L-R-L]
3-4	Step R across in front of L, rock back onto L 
5&6	Shuffle sideward [R-L-R]
7-8	Step backward on L, rock forward onto R

9&10	Shuffle forward [L-R-L]
11-12	Step forward [R-L]
13&14	Shuffle forward [R-L-R]
15-16	Touch L toe beside R, kick L forward

17-18	Shuffle backward [L-R-L]
&	Make 1/2 turn R on ball of L 
19-20	Shuffle forward [R-L-R] (reverse LOD)

21	Step forward on L foot (release R hands)
22	On balls of feet make 1/2 pivot turn R stepping weight forward onto R 
	(man brings his L hand over his partner' head and down to finish in a
	hammerlock position behind his back)   
23	Step forward on L foot (man takes partner's R hand in front of her waist)   
24	Touch R toe beside L 

25-28	Vine Right  [R-L-R], touch L beside R 
29&30	Shuffle forward [L-R-L] (man releases L hand and raises his R arm so that his
	partner can make a full turn to the R)   
31&32	Shuffle forward [R-L-R] (man takes his partner's L hand and resumes sweetheart position)
	Begin Dance Again
	This is an easy dance to master and can be made a little more challenging by adding
	turns in the vine or on the shuffles. It is suitable for any kind of cha cha or
	shuffle rhythms and can be easily put to faster music if desired.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2002