Toes Together

Choreographer 	Rachael McEnaney.
Adapted to Partner Dance with permission from Rachael by Carol & George Stayte.
Description 	Intermediate: Partner Dance (32 counts). Start position: Indian Position.
		Facing OLOD. Man behind Lady.
		Same footwork throughout
Music 		Toes - Zac Brown Band. CD The Foundation (131 bpm)
		Dance starts 60 counts from start of track (approx 28 secs)
		on vocals ( Well the plane touched down)
1-8 	Step Right, Hold, Left Back Rock, Step Left, Touch Right,
	Step Right Hook Left With ¼ Turn Left.
1-2 	Step right big step to right side. Hold dragging left towards right.
3-4 	Rock back on left. Recover weight on right.
5-6 	Step left to left side. Touch right next to left.
7-8 	Step right to right side. ¼ turn left hooking left in front of right shin.
	(Side by Side/ Sweetheart Position. LOD)
9-16 	Step forward left, Lock Right. Left Shuffle Forward. Step Pivot ½. Step Pivot ¼.
1-2 	Step forward on left, Lock right behind left.
3&4 	Left shuffle forward (LRL).
5-6 	Step forward on right, Pivot ½ turn left. (Drop Left Hand. Right Hand Over Lady’s Head)
7-8 	Step forward on right pivot ¼ turn left. (Pick Up Left Hands. Drop Right Hands.
	Left Hands Over Lady’s Head. Pick Up Right Hands Into Indian Position. OLOD)
17-24 	Weave To Left (Crossing Right). Cross Rock Right. ¼ Turn Right Shuffle.
1-2 	Cross right over left. Step left to left side.
3-4 	Cross right behind left. Step left to left side.
5-6 	Cross rock right over left, recover on left.
7&8 	1/4 turn right, with a right shuffle RLR. (RLOD)
25-32 	Step Pivot Half Turn. Left Shuffle Forward,
	½ Turn Shuffle. ¼ Turn Shuffle.
1-2 	Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn right. (Drop Left Hands, Right Hands Over Gents Head.
	Pick Up Into Side By Side/Sweetheart Position. LOD )
3&4 	Left shuffle forward. (LRL)
5&6 	½ Turn shuffle left on RLR. (Drop Right Hands. Left Hands Over Gents Head. RLOD)
7&8 	¼ Turn shuffle left on LRL. (Left Hands Over Lady’s Head. Pick Up Right Hands
	Over Lady’s Shoulder Into Indian Position OLOD).
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2009