A.K.A. The Under Take Hers
Choreographed by Jane Newhard, Erie, PA (814) 838-9101
Input by: George De Virgilio
Description Circle - Mixer Dance
Music That's a No No -  Sawyer Brown
Old Pop In An Oak - REDNEX
Six Days On The Road - Sawyer Brown
Fat Sally Lee/Shooter/Cotton Eye Joe - REDNEX

This is a fun dance that can be done as a line, three sum or mixer. In "The Three Sum" and "Mixer", 
starting position is three people (two ladies with man in center, three ladies, or two men with lady in center) facing LOD

This step description is for man in center, lady to his right is "A", lady to his left is "B". 
Man's right arm over "A's" shoulders holding her right hand. Man's left arm over "B's" shoulders holding her 
left hand. "A's" left hand holding "B's" right hand BEHIND mans back. Everyone begins on RIGHT FOOT.

Unlike "The Bull Shifts" where the man walks forward to new female partners, in this dance, the ladies 
travel forward and man goes back to meet new partners.
1-2	Right touch back, Kick Right forward
3&4	Shuffle in place R-L-R
5-6	Left touch back, Kick Left forward
7&8	Shuffle in place L-R-L

1-2	Right heel tap forward, Cross Right heel over left knee
3&4	Shuffle forward R-L-R
5-6	Left heel tap forward, Cross Left heel over right knee
7&8	Shuffle forward L-R-L

1-8	Shuffle forward R-L-R, L-R-L, R-L-R, L-R-L
	* When you become comfortable with the dance, you can be creative.
	   Ladies can do spins, turns, cross overs, walk arounds, etc.

1-4	Vine Right with touch
5-8	Vine Left with touch
	*Here again, add turns if you'd like. 

1&2	Shuffle forward R-L-R
3&4	Shuffle forward L-R-L
5-8	"A" and "B" repeat above shuffle steps WHILE lifting joined hands and releasing man's hands.
	They will greet the man which was in "The Three Sum" in front of them.
5-8	Man releases joined hands of "A" and "B", bends forward while walking back R-L-R-L under  
	"A" and "B"'s arms and take joins with ladies which were in "The Three Sum" behind.  
	Join hands with new partner and begin dance again 
	To dance with same partner / as a couple, replace section "B", last 8 counts
1&2	Shuffle forward R-L-R
3&4	Shuffle forward L-R-L
5-8	Walk back R, L, R, L
	You can add turns here  
	To dance as a 2 wall line dance, replace section "B", last 8 counts
1-2	Touch Right toe forward, Turn 1/4 turn left onto Left
3-4	Touch Right toe forward, Turn 1/4 turn left onto Left
5&6	Shuffle forward R-L-R
7&8	Shuffle forward L-R-L
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2002