The Thing About Love
A Tribute to Trevor

Choreographed By 	Angela Pinnington & Peter Kimber 04/10 – 01993 831248
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance. Start in Sweetheart Position, LOD
		Same Footwork Throughout
Music 		That’s the Thing About Love – Don Williams CD: The Definitive
Alt		Near You – Tammy Wynette & George Jones
	Step Brush, Shuffle Fwd, Rocking chair
1-2 	Step Fwd Right, Brush Left
3&4 	Left shuffle fwd
5-8 	Rock fwd right, Recover on Left, Rock back in Right, Recover onto Left
	Step, Brush, Shuffle Fwd, Rock Recover, Step Back, Touch
9-10 	Step fwd Right, Brush Left
11&12 	Rock fwd on Right, Recover on Left, Step back on right, Touch Left in Front
	Lady – Round the World – Shuffles x 4
	Man – Triple Steps x 4, as Lady Passes Round
17-20 	Man – Left Triple step on the Spot, Right triple step to Right
	Lady – Left Shuffle & Right Shuffle turning Left & passing in front of man
21-24 	Man – Left Triple step to Left, Right triple step on the spot
	Lady – Left shuffle & Right shuffle turning Left & passing behind man
	Pass Left arms over man’s head as you turn, Back into VW

	Walk Forward x 3, Touch Fwd, Walk Back x 3, Touch Back
25-28 	Walk L-R-L Forward, Touch Right Forward
29-32 	Walk R-L-R back, Touch Left back
	Shuffle Fwd, Step Fwd, Step Fwd With 1/2 Left (RLOD)
	Shuffle Fwd, Step Fwd, Step Fwd With 1/2 turn right (LOD)
33&34 	Left Shuffle fwd
35-36 	Step forward R-L with 1/2 turn left to face RLOD
37&38 	Right shuffle fwd
39-40 	Step forward L-R with 1/2 turn Right to face LOD
	Pass left arms over man’s head as you turn, Back into VW
	Shuffle Fwd, Lady: Shuffle Fwd With 1/2 Turn Left x 2
	Man: Shuffle Fwd x 2, Rock, Recover
41&42 	Both Left Shuffle Forward
43-46 	Man – Right & Left Shuffles Fwd
	Lady – Right shuffle fwd with 1/2 turn left (RLOD)
	Left shuffle fwd with 1/2 turn Left (LOD)
	Pass left arms over Lady’s head back into Sweetheart
47-48 	Rock fwd on on right, Recover onto Left
	Begin Again
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