Those Words (I Love You)

Adapted by

Al Ord from the Line Dance "Be Strong" by Audrey Watson
Description 32 Count Partner Dance, Side by side (Sweetheart), same footwork throughout.
Music The Words (I Love You) - Chris De Burgh CD: The Road To Freedom
Start on vocals 16 Counts after main beat kicks in.

	Cross Rock, Recover, Cross Lock Step
1,2 	Cross Rock Rt over Lt, Recover back onto Lt
3&4 	Cross step Rt over Lt, Lock Lt behind Rt, Cross step Rt over Lt (travelling to Lt diagonal)
	Cross Rock, Recover, Cross Lock Step
5,6 	Cross Rock Lt over Rt, Recover back onto Rt
7&8 	Cross step Lt over Rt, Lock Rt behind Lt, Cross step Lt over Rt (travelling to Rt diagonal)
	Fwd Rock, Recover, Triple  Turn Right
	On triple turn drop Lt hands Man turning under raised Rt rejoin in reverse Indian
9,10 	Rock Fwd on Rt, Recover back onto Lt
11&12 	Triple  turn right on the spot stepping Rt, Lt, Rt (now facing ILOD)
	Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Cross
13,14 	Cross Lt over Rt, Step Rt to Rt side
15&16 	Cross Lt behind Rt, Step Rt to Rt side, Cross Lt over Rt
	Side Rock, Recover  Turn Left, Shuffle Fwd
	Recover into reverse rump hold on  turn
17,18 	Rock Rt to Rt side, Recover onto Lt making  turn Lt to RLOD
19&20 	Step Rt Fwd, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Rt Fwd
	Full Turn Right, Mambo Step
	Release Lt turn under raised Rt finish in reverse sweetheart
21,22 	Step Fwd Lt making  turn Rt, Step Back Rt making  turn Rt
23&24 	Rock Fwd onto Lt, Recover back onto Rt, Step Lt back beside Rt
	Walk Back, Walk Back, Shuffle Back  Turn
	On shuffle turn release Lt turn under raised Rt back into sweetheart.
25,26 	Step Back on Rt, Step Back on Lt
27&28 	Shuffle Back making  turn Rt stepping Rt, Lt, Rt (now facing LOD)
	Walk Fwd, Walk Fwd, Shuffle Fwd
29,30 	Step Fwd Lt, Step Fwd Rt
31&32 	Step Fwd Lt, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Fwd Lt
	Start Again
Note: 	Partners please ignore the Tags in the line dance at the end of sequences 2 and 5