Thinking Of You

Choreographed by	Karen & Nigel Poll June 2016 pollykaz - 01379 853571
Description 	32 count Partner Dance, Sweetheart Position, facing LOD
		Man's steps listed, Same footwork throughout. Unless stated
Music 		I'll Think of You That Way - Carolyn Dawn Johnson (CD: Room with a View)
	Side together forward, Hold, Side together forward, Hold,
1&2 	Step right to right side, step left beside right, step forward right, Hold
3&4 	Step left to left side, step right beside left, step forward Left, Hold
	Right Lock forward, Hold, Left lock forward, Hold,
5&6 	Step forward Right, Lock left behind Right, Step forward Right, Hold ,
7&8 	Step forward Left, Lock Right behind Left, Step forward Left, Hold
	Step  Pivot Cross, Hold, Side Rock Cross, Hold,
1&2 	Step forward Right,  pivot Left, Cross right over Left, Hold (facing ILOD)
3&4 	Left Side Rock, Cross Left over Right Hold (facing ILOD)
	Side Shuffle  turn, Hold, Shuffle  turn, Hold,
5&6 	Right side shuffle  turn left, Hold, (facing RLOD)
7&8 	Left Shuffle  turn Left, Hold, (taking Left hand over ladies head) facing OLOD
	Right Cross Rock, Side, Hold, Left Cross Rock , Hold
1&2 	Right Cross Rock, recover, Side Right, Hold
3&4 	Left Cross Rock, recover, turn  left step Left, Hold
	Shuffle forward, Hold (lady shuffle  turn Left), Shuffle Hold
5&6 	Man, Right Shuffle forward, Hold
	Lady, Right Shuffle  Left in front of man to end on Left side of man (facing RLOD) Hold
	(bringing Right hands over ladies head to end with Right Hands on top,
	Right shoulder to Right Shoulder)
7&8 	Man, Left Shuffle forward, Hold
	Lady, Left Shuffle back, Hold
	Step Pivot  turn, Hold, Behind, Side Step Hold
1&2 	Man, Step forward Right Pivot ,Left, Step forward Right, Hold
	Lady, Rock back Right, recover Left, Step forward Right, Hold
	(Bring Right hands over Ladies head into reverse Sweetheart position, facing RLOD)
3&4 	Man, Step Left behind Right, Right to Right side, Step forward Left, Hold
	Lady, Step back Left, turn  Right, Step side Right, Step Left beside right, Hold
	(Bringing Left Hands over ladies head, ending Left hands on top,
	Left shoulder to left shoulder)
	Step Pivot  turn, Hold, Shuffle forward, Hold
5&6 	Man, Step Forward Right, Pivot  Left, Step forward Right, Hold
	Lady, Rock back Right, recover on Left, Step forward Right, Hold
	(Release Right hand, pick hands up back in Sweetheart position)
7&8 	Left shuffle forward into LOD
	Start Again 					July 2016