Think About It

Choreographed by  Mary Wild 10/02 0113 282 0614
Description  Partner Dance, facing in Double Hand hold
Music  Me and My Baby – Paul Overstreet – CD Love is Strong

1-2 	Touch right forward, together
3-4 	Right forward, Step in place
5-6 	Touch Left forward, together
7-8 	Left forward, Step in place
9-10 	Touch right side, together
11-12 	Right side, Step in place
13-14 	Touch left side, together
15-16 	Left side, Touch beside
17-18 	Left step forward, slide right
19-20 	Left step forward turn 1/2 turn left on left, Hitch [or scuff] right [release lady’s Rt Hand]
21-24 	Cross right over left, Back left, Side right, Touch left
	[Changed sides, Lady crossing on man’s left, release right hands
25-28 	Vine Left [Change hands touch free hand with person opposite] Kick right
29-32 	Step on right, Kick Left, Step on Left, Kick right
33-36 	Vine Right [Change Hands] Kick Left
37-40 	Step on left, Kick right, Step on right, Kick Left
41-42 	Step on forward left, Slide right
43-44 	Left step forward turn 1/2 turn left on left, Hitch [or scuff] right [release Rt Hand]
45-48 	Cross right, Back left, Side Right - Lady touch left, - Gent Step on Left
49-52 	Vine left 1/4 turn left [release front hands], Scuff right
53-56 	Step forward right, 1/2 turn left [release hands] step right forward, Scuff left
57&58 	Inside shuffle
59&60 	Outside shuffle
61-62 	Step forward on outside foot, Pivot 1/4 turn to face partner
	[Take up double hand hold ready to start again]

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Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

December 2002