There Goes The Neighborhood

Choreographed by 	Chris & Trev – Lonestar WPDC – Aug 2018
Description 	32 Count Partner Dance, Same Footwork Throughout
		Start Facing LOD in Sweetheart
Music 		There Goes The Neighborhood - Keith Harling - CD Write It In Stone
1-8 	Walk FWD x3 Kick FWD, Walk Back x2 Coaster Step
1-4 	Walk FWD LT, RT, LT, Kick RT FWD
5-8 	Walk Back RT, LT, Step Back RT, LT Next to RT, Step FWD RT

9-16 	Side Behind Side Touch, Side Behind ¼ Turn Touch
9-12 	Step LT to Side, Cross RT Behind LT, Step Side With LT, Touch RT
13-16 	Step RT to Side, Cross LT Behind RT, ¼ Turn RT Stepping on RT, Touch LT
17-24 	Man Side Behind Side Touch,
	Lady ½ turn RT Together Touch, Side Behind Side Touch & Slap
17-20 	Man: Step LT to Side, Cross RT behind LT, Step Side With LT, Touch RT
	Lady: ¼ Turn R Stepping Back on L, ¼ Turn R Stepping Side on R, Slide L next to R, Touch R
21-24 	Step Side with RT, Cross LT Behind RT, Step RT to Side, Touch LT, Slap Hands With Person on R
	(On count 17 bring LT hands over Lady’s head)
25-32 	Step Touch Slap x2, Man Side Behind ¼ Turn Place, Lady ¾ Turn Place
25-28 	Step Side LT, Touch RT, Slap Partners Hand, Step Side RT, Touch LT, Slap hands with Person on RT
29-32 	Man: Step Side on LT, Cross RT Behind LT, ¼ Turn LT on LT, Place RT
	Lady: ¾ Turn LT on LT, RT, LT, Place RT
	(On count 29 Lady goes under LT hands rejoin in Sweetheart)
	Start Again 					August 2018