The Last Waltz

Choreographed by	Bob Hocking & Josie Copley  ct 2010
Description	60 count partner dance, Start in Closed Western Man facing OLOD
		Gents steps listed, Ladies opposite footwork throughout
Music		The Last Waltz - Rodney Crowell CD: Above and beyond
		Or any slow waltz music
	Step Across, Side Rock, Behind side cross [Lady Step Across side behind]
1-3 	Cross left over right, [Lady right over left] rock right to right, replace weight onto left.
4-6 	Step right behind left. Step left to left, cross right over left.
	[Lady step left over right, right to right side, step left behind right]
	Rumba box
7-9 	Step left to left side, step right beside left, step forward on left
10-12 	Step right to right, step left beside right, step back on right.
	Side, together, 1/4 turn, 1/2 Basic forward ( Lady 3/4 Turn, 1/2 Basic back)
13-15 	Man -Step left to left, step right beside left. Step fwd 1/4 turn left. (LOD)
	[Lady turn 3/4 turn right under raised forward arms to end facing Man in closed western, RLOD]
16-18 	Man, basic waltz fwd stepping right left right.
	[Lady basic waltz back on left, right, left]
	Twinkle steps x 2
19-24 	Man step diagonally Left over right, right next to left, left next to right
	[Lady Right behind left, left next to right, right next to left]
	Man step diagonally Right over Left, Left next to right, Right next to Left
	[Lady Left behind Right, Right next to Left, Left next to Right]
	Full Basic waltz steps fwd x 2
25-27 	Basic waltz fwd on left (lady back on right )
28-30 	Basic waltz fwd on right ( lady back on left )
	Rock step fwd ( Lady rock step back, into wrap) Rock back, Step
31-33 	Man -Rock fwd onto left, replace weight on right, step back onto left.
	[Lady Rock back on right, step fwd on left, step right turning  turn left into wrap
34-36 	Rock back on right, replace weight on left, step fwd on right.
	Full Basic In Place [Lady full turn Right [wrap to wrap]
37-42 	Man - Step left right left, right left right, on the spot..
	[Lady full turn Right; over 6 counts turning across in front of Man, to his left side back in wrap
	raising arms over ladies head as she turns ]
	1/2 Basic waltz fwd, [Lady full turn Out of Wrap] 1/2 Basic Forward
43-45 	Basic waltz fwd  left right left [lady fwd in wrap, right, left, right]
46-48 	Man- basic waltz to left diagonal [Release mans Left hand]
	[Lady full turn right across in front of man to right side of man, inside hand hold]
	Basic waltz fwd
49-51 	Basic left waltz fwd.
52-54 	Basic right waltz fwd.
	Rock 1/2 turn, 1/4 turn behind, side
55-57 	Rock fwd on left, back on right, turn  turn left ( Lady turn right ) stepping fwd on left ( RLOD )
58-60 	Step 1/4 turn to left on right, step left behind right, step right to right
	[release hands on turn, rejoin into Closed Western on ]