The Last To Know


Kalvin & Patricia Finch (MEN in Black Dancers) Jan 06    ~ 01449 612263
Description  Intermediate, 64 count partner dance; same footwork unless stated
Man facing LOD lady facing RLOD on mans right side
Right hand on lady left hip, left hand holding lady right
The last to know - Paul Bailey: Track ()
Your Love or John boat Blues or wouldn't it be nice
(All on Jason Allen CD Wouldn't It Be Nice)

Pin Wheel right 1/2 turn walking right left right shuffle, back rock shuffle forward
1-3&4 	Walk 1/2 turn right stepping right left right shuffle
5-7&8 	Man Rock back on left recover and left shuffle forward
5-7&8 	Ladies rock forward recover and left shuffle back)
Forward Rock Shuffle Back Pin Wheel 1/2 turn Right Walk left right left shuffle
1-3&4 	Men Rock forward on right recover and Right shuffle back
1-3&4 	Ladies Rock Back recover and shuffle forward)
5-7&8 	Pin wheel 1/2 turn right walking left right left shuffle
Rock back recover shuffle forward walk Right left shuffle forward
1-3&4	Men Rock back on right recover and right shuffle forward
1-3&4 	Lady step forward on right pivot 1/2 turn left and Shuffle forward "Pivot turn is into wrap)
5-7&8 	Men walk forward left right left shuffle
5-7&8 	Lady Full turn right out of wrap and then shuffle forward)
Rock forward recover & 1/4 turn right cross rock left over right and chasse to left
1-2&3&4 	Rock forward on right recover on left, turn to face OLOD and chasse to the right RLR
5-7&8 	Both cross rocks left over right recovers and chasse to the left LRL
Cross rock recover chasse a 1/4 turn right into RLOD pivot 1/2 turn right into LOD & shuffle fwd
1-3&4 	Cross rock right over left recover and chasse to the right a 1/4 turn RLR to face RLOD
5-7&8 	Step Forward on your Left & pivot a 1/2 turn right into LOD and shuffle forward LRL
	Now back in sweet heart position

Full turn left shuffle forward full turn right shuffle forward
1-3&4 	Man full turn left stepping right, left and Right shuffle forward: Lady walks R L right Shuffle
	Release right arm when turning
5-7&8 	Man walk forward LR and shuffle forward LRL: Lady full turn right stepping LR & shuffle forward LRL. 
	 Release left hand when turning (Alternatively both walk walk shuffle)
	back into sweetheart position
Rocking Chair rock forward recover rock back recover and 2 x shuffles forward
1-4 	Both rock forward on right recover, rock back on right recover
5&6-7&8 	both shuffle forward right shuffle and then left shuffle
Walk forward  right left shuffle forward, rock forward left recover right shuffle back
1-3 &4 	Man small steps forward right left and shuffle forward RLR: Lady two step 1/2 .turn to the right 
	stepping  right left and then shuffle back shuffle RLR.
	(Arms take Lt arm over lady's head and place on lady's Lt hip & take lady Rt hand in your Lt.)
5-7&8 	Rock forward on left recover and shuffle back left right left:
	Lady rocks back left & recovers and shuffles forward LRL.
	Start again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert April 2007