The J & T
Choreographed by Joan & Ted Schulz 517/862-5681
Description    Couples Dance, in Side by Side position hoding inside hands
Steps Mirror Image throughout Mans steps noted
Music Beer & Bones John Michael Montgomery

1&2      Right Shuffle forward
3&4      Left Shuffle
5&6      Right Shuffle
7-8       Step forward on Left, pivot 1/2 turn right
            Should be facing RLOD, holding inside hands 
9-10      Kick Left forward, Stomp Right
11-12    Bump hips together twice
13-14    Bump apart twice
15-16    Step forward on left [release hands], Pivot 1/4 right & CLAP

17-18    Step forward on left, pivot 1/4 turn left & CLAP
19-20    Step forward on left, pivot 1/4 turn left & CLAP
            Should be facing each other, take hold of both hands
21-22    Step to left on left, Cross right behind left
23-24    Step left to left, Scuff right turning 1/4 left into LOD
            Should now be facing LOD side by side holding inside hands 
25-26    Cross right in front of left, step back on left
27-28    Step right to right, Step left beside right
29-30    Step forward on right [release hands], pivot 1/2 turn left
31-32    Step forward on right, pivot 1/2 turn left [rejoin hands in side by side]
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Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert February 2002