That’s how I got to Memphis

Choreographed by 	Heather Staddon 01603 945148
Description 	64 count partner dance Start in sweetheart position facing LOD
		Same foot work throughout
Music 		That’s How I Got to Memphis by Roch Voisine
		Love is standing still – Billy Yates
		Or any medium Cha Cha tempo
	Rock Forward Recover Shuffle Back Rock Back Recover Shuffle Forward
1-2 3&4 	Right rock forward recover back left, right shuffle back
1-23&4	 Left rock back recover right, left shuffle forward
	Step Side Together Forward Shuffle X 2
1-2 3&4 	Step right side left together right shuffle forward
1-23 &4 	Step left side right together left shuffle forward
	Release Left Hands Bring Right Arms Over Lady’s Head ¼ Turn Lady Behind Man
	Reverse Indian Position ILOD Side Shuffle Cross Rock Side Shuffle ¼ Turn RLOD
1-23&4 	Step right make ¼ turn left step left behind right, right side shuffle
1-2 3&4 	Left rock cross right recover right left side shuffle make ¼ turn left RLOD
	Pivot ½ turn shuffle forward lady full turn right man walk walk shuffle forward
1-2 3&4 	Both step forward right pivot ½ left, right shuffle forward) LOD
1-2 3&4 	Man walk left right, left shuffle forward [Release left hands]
	Lady step left right make full turn right, left shuffle forward)
	Lady walk walk shuffle Man full shuffle forward turn ¼ turn side shuffle LOD
1-2 3&4 	Lady walk forward right left, right shuffle forward LOD
	Man full turn left stepping right left, right shuffle forward
1-2 3&4 	Step left make ¼ turn right step right behind left left side shuffle OLOD
	Rock recover side shuffle ¼ turn RlOD pivot ½ turn shuffle LOD
1-2 3&4 	Rock right cross left recover left right side shuffle make ¼ turn right RLOD
1-2 3&4 	Both step left pivot ½ turn right, left shuffle forward LOD
	Lady ½ turn shuffle man walk rock recover man pivot ½ turn
1-2 3&4 	lady ½ turn right right left right shuffle back RLOD
	Man walk forward right left right shuffle forward LOD
1-2 3&4	 lady rock back left recover right left shuffle forward RLOD
	Man step left pivot ½ turn right left shuffle forward RLOD
	Both Pivot ½ turn shuffle full turn shuffle
1-2 3&4 	Step right pivot ½ turn left right shuffle forward
1-2 3&4 	Lady fully turn right stepping left right left shuffle forward
	Man walk forward left right left shuffle forward (optional both turn)
	Start again 				March 2015