Choreographed by 	Fred & Heather Staddon. Mavericks W.D.C. Norwich - 01603 749058
Description 	Partner Dance (48 count )
		Sweetheart position both on same foot work
Music 		That good that bad - Mark Chesnutt
		A Shoulder To Cry On - Mark Chesnutt
		CD: Heard It In A Love Song
	Both rock forward back shuffle
1-2 	Rock Forward On Left Recover Right Count 4
3&4 	Left Shuffle Back
	For styling turn body slightly right
1-2 	Step Right Turn 1/4 Right Touch Lift Beside Right Count 2
	4 Windmill Turning Shuffles Down LOD
1&2 	Left Shuffle Forward Turning 1/4 Left LOD Count 4
3&4 	Right Shuffle To The Side 1/2 Turn Left
5&6 	Left Shuffle Backwards Turning 1/2 Left Count 4
7&8 	Right Shuffle Forward
	1/4 Turn With 1/4 Turn Shuffle
1-2 	1/4 Turn Right Steeping Left Right Behind Count 4
3&4 	1/4 Turn Left Shuffle
	Pivot 1/2 Turn Shuffle Rld
1-2 	Step Forward Right Pivot 1/2 Turn Left
3&4 	Right Shuffle Forward Count 4
	1/2 Pivot Turn Right 1/4 Side Shuffle
1-2 	Step Forward Left Pivot 1/2 Turn Right Count 4
3&4 	1/4 Right On Left Side Shuffle
1-2 	Right Behind Left Step 1/4 Turn Left Count 4
3&4 	Right Shuffle Forward
	1/4 Sailor Step
1-2 	Step Left 1/4 Turn Left Step Right Together
3&4 	Step Left Behind Right Right Step To Side Step Left To Side Count 4
1-2 	Cross Right Over Left Step Left To Side Count 4
3&4 	Sailor Step 1/4 Turn Right LOD
	Heel Switches Rock & Cross Shuffle
1&2& 	Left Heel Forward Step Back On Left Right Heel Forward Step Back On Right Count 2
1-2 	Left Rock To Side Back On Right Count 4
3&4	 Left Cross Shuffle
1-2 	Right Rock To Side Back On Left
3&4 	Right Cross Shuffle Count 4

	That's It Start Again
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