Texas Moon

CHOREOGRAPHED by Marge & Mike Leopold
DESCRIPTION Partner Dance in Side By Side [aka Sweetheart ] position
MUSIC Precious Pearl - Radney Foster - 100 BPM
Borrowed Angel - Wesley Dennis - 110 BPM

1 Left step with right turn,
2 Right step behind left
3 Left step with left turn [ Drop left hands - bring right arms over head
4 Right step with left turn and rejoin behind ]
5 Left cross behind right
6 Right step with turn right [ LADY - 1 right turn three step turn,
7-8 Walk forward - left-right raising right arms ]
9-10 Step & rock forward on left, Rock back On right
11-12 Step and rock back on left, Rock forward on right
13-14 Left step forward, right toe tap together
15-16 Right step forward, Left toe tap together
17-18 Left kick gently forward, Swivel right on right while kicking again
19-20 Left step down in place, Right toe tap together
21-22 Right kick gently forward, Swivel right on left whilst kicking again
23-24 Right step down in place, Left toe tap together
25-26 Left step forward, Right hitch forward
27-28 Swivel left on left and rock forward on right, Rock back on left
29-30 Step and rock back on Rt, Lt step with Lt turn LADY - 1 left Three step turn raising Rt arms
31-32 Walk forward - right - left  
33&34 Right Shuffle
35-36 Left step forward, pivot right on balls of feet
37-38 Left step forward, pivot right on balls of feet
39&40 Left shuffle down RLOD
41-42 Right step forward, pivot right
42-48 3 Shuffles ,starting with right  
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