Texas Time Shuffle

Choreographed by	Sue & Martin Watts 01403 218292 martinwatts51@hotmail.co.uk Oct 2018
Description: 4	0 Count Partner Dance. Start in side by side position. Same footwork throughout
Music: 		Texas Time – Keith Urban
Alt Music: 	Thank God For The Radio – Alan Jackson
	Walk Walk Shuffle, Walk Walk Shuffle
1-2 	Walk fwd right, left
3&4 	Shuffle RLR
5-6 	Walk fwd left, right
7&8 	Shuffle LRL
	Step Turn, Cross Shuffle, Rock Recover, Cross Shuffle
9-10 	Step fwd on Rt, Pivot ¼ turn Lt (ILOD)
11&12 	Right cross shuffle
13-14 	Rock out Lt, recover on Rt
15&16 	Left cross shuffle
Hands: 	9-10 Take Man’s right hand over lady’s head to face ILOD. Man in front of lady
	Weave, ¼ Turn Shuffle, Walk Walk Shuffle
17-18 	Step Rt to Rt, step Lt behind Rt
19&20 	Turning ¼ Rt, shuffle fwd RLR (LOD)
21-22 	Walk fwd left, right
23&24 	Shuffle LRL
Hands: 	19&20 Take Man’s right hand back over Lady’s head into side by side position
	Rock Fwd, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle Back. Step ½ Turn, Shuffle
25-26 	Rock fwd on Rt, Recover on Lt
27&28 	Turning Rt, ½ turn shuffle, towards RLOD, RLR
29-39 	Step fwd Lt, pivot ½ turn Rt
31&32 	Shuffle LRL
Hands: 	Turning under raised right hands
	Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle Back, Rock Recover Shuffle Fwd
33-34 	Rock Fwd on Rt, Recover on Lt
35&36 	Shuffle back RLR
37-38 	Rock back on Lt, recover on Rt
39&40 	Shuffle fwd LRL
	Start Again						October 2018