Tennessee Stroll

Choreographed By	Bobby Curtis--October 1993
Description	Partner Dance - Promenade Position
Music		 'Til A Tear Becomes A Rose - Kieth Whitley

	Rock Forward, Back, Forward, Scoot. Brush & Chugs
1-2 	Rock Forward On Left, Rock Back On Right
3-4	Rock Forward On Left, Hitch Right Knee And Scoot Forward On Left
5-6	Step Forward On Right Brush Left Forward
7-8 	Scoot (Chug) Left Forward Twice

	Cross Steps & Heel, Toe & Hold
9-10	Step Forward On Left Swing Right Leg Forward
11-12 	Cross Right Over Left And Step, Swing Left Leg Forward
13-14 	Touch Left Heel Forward. Touch Left Toe Next To Right Instep
15-16 	Touch Left Heel Forward. Keep Left Heel In Place And Hold

	Turn, Weave Grapevine, Turn. Kick. Pivot & Heel Touch
17 	Pivot 1/4 Turn Clockwise On Ball Of Right (Lady Is Now In Front Of Man With Man 
	Holding Her Hands Above Her Shoulders) And Step To The Left With Left
18	Cross Right Behind Left And Step
19	Step To Left With Left
20 	Cross Right In Front Of Left And Step
21 S	tep To The Left With Left And Pivot 1/2 Turn Right On Ball Of Left
	(Man And Lady Now In An Opposite Promenade Position)
22 	Bend Left Knee Slightly And Kick Right Forward
23	Step Forward On Right And Pivot 1/2 Turn Left Ball Of Right
	(Man And Lady Return To Normal Promenade Position)
24 	Touch Left Heel Forward

	Back With Heel Touches. Shuffle, Heel & Toe
25-26	Step Back On Left [Small Step] Touch Right Heel Forward
27-28 	Step Back On Right (Small Step), Touch Left Heel Forward
29-30 	Shuffle Forward, Left, Right, Left
31-32	Touch Right Heel Forward, Touch Right Toe Back

	Jazz Square, Ball Change, Double Stomp
33-34 	Cross Right Over Left. And Rock Forward, Rock Back On Left
35-36 	Step Back On Right, Touch Left Toe Next To Right Instep
37&38 	Kick Left Forward, Step Down On Left, Step Right Next To Left
39-40 	Stomp Left Next To Right Twice

	Shuffles And Heel Hooks
41-42	Shuffle Forward, Left, Right, Left
43-44 	Touch Right Heel Forward ,Hook Right Across Left Shin
45-46	Shuffle Forward, Right, Left, Right 
47-48 	Touch Left Heel Forward, Hook Left Across Right Shin 

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert


August 2000