Tennessee Walk

Choreographed by Jim Arkerson
Description Partner dance - Side By Side [ aka Sweetheart ] 20 beats
Dance Style: Smooth with a glide in steps
Music I SANG DIXIE by Dwight Yoakam,
  JUST ONE KISS by Exile,
  CHAINS OF GOLD by Sweethearts of the Rodeo
  or any slow to moderate 4 count rhythm.


Walk, walk, turn touch
1-2 Left step forward, Right step forward
3 -4 Left step forward making a 1/4 turn to right, Right touch behind left
(bend knees, extend arms straight out from sides)
  Back, back, turn, set
5-6 Right step back in reverse line of dance as you turn 1/4 to left
(you will be facing line of dance again) Left step back
7-8 Right step back turning 1/4 turn to right (Gent brings left hands to Lady's waist and releases his left hand hold) 
Left step crossing in front of right turning 1/4 to right (You will be facing reverse line of dance)
  Pivot step, tap, tap
9-10 Pivot 1/2 turn to right, shifting weight to right , Left step forward
(join left hands in Sweetheart position)
11-12 Tap right toe gently beside left foot twice
  Three shuffles forward
13&14 Right shuffle
15&16 Left shuffle
17&18 Right shuffle
Rock, rock
19 -20 Rock back on Left , Rock forward on Right
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