Tender kiss

Choreographed by 	Jon S & Sylvia. August 2010 . 07989149233 - John.starmar@btinternet.com.
		01487 841873
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance. Waltz. Opposite footwork.
		Starting position: Close Western . Man facing LOD
Music 		What took you so long - Melonie Cannon. ~ Cd: Melonie Cannon. Bpm 100
	Twinkle steps x 2
1-6 	Man starting on Left, Lady starting on Right, Twinkle steps x 2
	Rock apart. Together
7-9 	(Man) Rock back onto Left, Step together Right, Step Left.
	(Lady) Rock back onto Right, Step together on Left, Step Right
10-12 	Close forward together, Man on RLR. Lady on LRL. (side to side)
	Mans right hand on lady’s left hip, mans left hand to lady’s right hand

	Pinwheel Turn.
13-18 	Pinwheel turn, one full turn clockwise on six counts

	Basic x 2
19-21 	Basic forward for man, back for lady.
22-24 	Basic back for man, forward for lady
	(Man) Rock step, basic. (Lady) Step pivot , basic.
25-27 	(Man) Rock back on Left, recover onto Right, step forward Left
	(Lady) Step forward Right, pivot ˝ turn, step Right . (now in sweetheart position)
28-30 	Both. Basic forward.
	Full clockwise turn
31-36 	(Both) Full turn clockwise over six counts. (Release Left hand , raise Right)
	Lady ˝ turn basic
37-39 	(Man) Basic forward x 2. ( Man picks up Lady’s left hand)
40-42 	(Lady) Continues turning clockwise ˝ turn to face man. Basic backwards.
	(Back into close Western).
	Rocking chair x 2
43-45	 (Man) Rock forward onto Left, recover, step back Left
	(Lady) Rock back onto Right, recover, step forward Right.
46-48 	(Man)Rock back onto Right, recover, step forward Right
	(Lady)Rock forward Left, recover, step back Left.
	Start again
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