Choreographers  Howard and Val Saunders.
Description  Beginner Couples Dance 32 Counts. Start in Sweetheart Position facing LOD, Ladies and Gents steps the same until last 4 counts.
Music  The Next Teardrop Falls - the Dean Brothers CD Magic Moments
Alternative Music Madalaina - Redfern and Crooks Or any slow cha cha.
Vertical Expression" by The Bellamy Brothers

	Cat Walks. Jazz Box with 1/4 Turn
1-2 	Step right in front of left. Hold for 1 beat.
3-4 	Step left in front of right. Hold for 1 beat (stealthily as a cat.)
5-6 	Cross right over left. Step back on left.
7-8 	Step right to right side making a I /4 turn right. Step left next to right.'
	(Now facing wall with man behind lady, still holding hands)
	Step Right to Right Side. Touch Left, Grind
9-10 	Step Right to right side. Touch left to right. (Man opens arms to display lady.)
11-12 	Step left to left side. Step right to left. (Man crosses arms in front of lady, still holding hands)
13-16 	Grind hips left to right in circular movement for 4 counts.
	Step Side Right, Touch Lt, Step side Rt 1/4 Turn Lt, Touch Rt, Rt Shuffle, Lt Shuffle
17-18 	Step right to right side. Touch left to right. (Gent opens arms to display lady)
9-20 	Step left to left side, making 1/4 turn left. Touch right to left. (Back to sweetheart position)
21&22 	Shuffle forward, Right, Left, Right.
23&24 	Shuffle forward Left, Right Left.
	Right Step Lock Step, Left Step lock step, Gent Walks 4 Paces. Ladies do Full Turn
25-26& 	Step right forward. Lock left behind right. Step forward quickly on right (& step)
	Slightly diag to the right
27-28& 	Step forward on left. Lock Right behind left. Step forward quickly
	on left. (& step.) Slightly diag to the left.
	(As smoothly as possible on these last 4 counts. No stomping or jumping.)
29-32 	Gent drops ladies left hand and walks forward 4 paces while raising ladies right hand.
	Lady does full turn moving forwards Right. Left. Right. Left.
	Start Again
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