Choreographed by

Bill & Moira Gallagher (Dec.05) 07790 877810
Description  Partner Waltz Start Position, Facing outside line of dance,
man behind lady, arms out sideways (relaxed} Both on same feet
Music  Pathway of Teardrops - Karen Lynne - CD: Blue Mountain Rain
Or any medium slow waltz

1-6 	Stepping left to left, right next to left, left to left
	Man 	Stepping right over left, step left to left, right next to left
	Lady 	Full turn left, Stepping right, left, right. (keep hands over lady’s head)
7-12 	Both
	Bringing arms back to start position
	Stepping left to left, right next to left, left to left (Release left hands Raise right hands.)
	Make 1/2 turn left, stepping right, left behind right, step right making 1/4 turn right.
	Man 	step left, right, left making further1/4 turn right to face OLOD.
	Lady 	makes a further 1/2 turn right on left, right, left under raised right hands to finish
	Facing man left shoulder to left shoulder
13-18 	Keeping right arms raised in an arch, and left hands at partners waist.
	Step right. left, right, and then left, right, left make a 3/4 pinwheel turn left, finish lady
	Facing LOD man facing RLOD
19-24 	Pick up left hand keeping right hands raised, and turning under right and left hands stepping
	right, left, right Man makes 1/2 turn left to face LOD and left, right, left on the spot
	Lady step right, left, right on the spot ,then full turn left under left hands on left, right, left to
	Finish in sweetheart position facing LOD.
25-30 	Step forward on right, point left to left ,hold for one beat,
	Step forward on left point right to right ,hold for one beat
31-36 	Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right
	Step forward left, lock right behind left, step forward left
37-42 	Man step forward on right, left next to right making 1/4 turn right, step right next to left.
	Lady stepping right, left, right making 3/4 turn left, both facing OLOD in Indian position.
43-48 	Step forward on left, right next to left, step left in place,
	Step back on right, left next to right ,step right in place.
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