Tanglefoot Shuffle (Partner )
Choreographer Wynn Dayls, USA 1991
Description Side by Side, holding inside hands - Gentlemen on inside ladies on outside
Music Grandpa - the Judds
  Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn

1 - 2 Left step fwd, Right step fwd
3 - 4 Left step fwd, Tap right toe back and bow
5 - 6 Step back on right, Step back on left
7- 8 Step back on right, Hitch left
9 Side step left Turn gent 1/4 right, turn ladies 1/4 left
10 Swing right behind & step and you're now facing each other sideways
11 Side step left on to line of dance, holding both hands, &
12 Swing right in front & step as you take sidesteps, you swing the body
13 Side step left to the left and then to the right,
14 Swing right behind & step holding the hands that are nearest , then
15 Side step left releasing handhold. and changing for the
16 Kick right cross other hand
17-19 Right. left, right Ladies steps-turn left to sweetheart wrap
20 Dip & hitch .left Man steps in place, positioning himself beside her- Both dip 
back & hitch on the last count.
21-22 Shuffle left  
23-24 Shuffle right  
25-26 Shuffle left  
27-28 Shuffle right.  
29-36 Step left,right,left. right, left, right left .right. Man on left , lady on right , man raises left.
    arm while turning to his left one whole turn.
    Lady out from s / heart to her right
    (under his arm) and walks around behind
    him, As she comes in front of him they
    change hand back to inside hands and
    take up side by side position again
37-38 Left step fwd, Right across in front  
39- 40 left back, Right together  
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