Talk To Me

Choreographed by 	Chris & Trev – Lonestar WPDC – Dec 2010 -
Description 	48 Count Intermediate PaRner Dance, StaR with man facing LOD
		Lady facing RLOD – R shoulder to R shoulder Holding Lady’s R
		hand in man’s L - Mans R hand & Lady’s L hand on Lady’s waist –
		Opposite footwork throughout – Mans steps listed
Music 		You’ve got to talk to me – Lee Ann Womack -32 Count Intro
Full Pinwheel turn R on Walk, Walk shuffle x 2
1-2 3&4 		Walk L-R, L Shuffle Turning ½ turn
5-6 7&8 		Walk R-L, R Shuffle Turning ½ turn

Step ¼ turn side shuffle, ½ Turn, step, Touch
9-10 11&12 	Man: ¼ Turn R stepping on to L Slide R up to L, L side Shuffle
		Lady: ¼ Turn R stepping on to R Slide L up to R, R side Shuffle
13-16 		Man: Cross R over L, Turn ¼ L Stepping on to L, ¼ Turn L stepping on to R, Touch L next to R
		Lady: Cross L over R, Turn ¼ R Stepping on to R, ¼ Turn R stepping on to L, Touch R next to L
		(On Count 9 go in to Double Hand Hold, On Count 14 Hold inside Hands
		on Count 15 Release Hands) (Man now facing ILOD, Lady facing OLOD)
Step Pivot Shuffle, Rock Recover Cross Shuffle,
17-18 19&20 	Step FWD L, Pivot ½ Turn R, L Shuffle FWD
		(Now in Close Western)
21-22 23&24 	Rock R to RLOD Recover on L, R Cross Shuffle
Man ¼ Turn, Step, Shuffle to LOD, Lady ¼ turn, ½ turn Shuffle backwards,
Walk, walk Shuffle Diagonally to finish L Shoulder to L Shoulder
25-26 27&28 	Man: ¼ Turn L on L to face LOD, Step FWD R, L Shuffle FWD
		Lady: ¼ Turn R on R to face LOD, ½ Turn R stepping on to L, R Shuffle backwards
29-30 31&32 	Man: Walk Diagonally R on R, L, R Shuffle to LOD
		Lady: Walk L R, L Shuffle backwards (Lady now on man’s L side)
Man Walk, Walk Shuffle, Lady ½ Turn Shuffle, ¼ Turn to Face, Step Together, Shuffle to LOD
33-34 35& 36 	Man: Walk L, R, L Shuffle to LOD
		Lady: ½ Turn R Stepping R, L, R Shuffle to LOD
37-38 30&40 	Man: ¼ Turn L Stepping on to R, Slide L to R, Shuffle ¼ Turn R to face LOD
		Lady: ¼ Turn R stepping on to L, Slide R to L, Shuffle ¼ Turn L to face LOD
		(On count 33 Take L hand over Lady’s head now holding inside hands)
½ Turn changing sides on Walk, Walk Shuffle,
Man Pivot ½ turn, R shuffle, Lady Rock Fwd Recover, Shuffle
41-42 43&44 	Man: ½ Turn L on L, R, L Shuffle to RLOD (Passing Behind the Lady)
		Lady: ½ Turn R on R, L, R Shuffle to RLOD (to finish on man’s L side)
45-46 47&48 	Man: Step Fwd R Pivot ½ Turn L, R Shuffle on the Spot
		Lady: Rock Fwd L Recover on to R, L Shuffle on the Spot
		(On Count 41 Lady goes under raised arms as Man walks around her to change sides)
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert January 2011