Swings and Roundabouts

Choreographed By	Luke & Di Bartlett - 01202 512849 - Southern Line
Description	couples Line Dance Side By Side - Holding inside hands, Mirror image ,
		Steps are gents , Lady's opposite, 36 Beats / Counts
Music		Oh What a Thrill - The Mavericks

1-2. 	Walk forward Right.				Walk forward Left.
3-4.	Walk forward Right.				Pivot 1/2turn Left on Right .
	Let Go of Right hands, hold Left hands
5-6	Walk forward Left				Walk forward Right.
7-8	Walk forward Left.				Pivot 1/2 turn Right on Left
	Let Go of Left hands. hold Right hand.

	Jazz Box with 1/4 turn Right.
9-10	.Right step over front of Left. Left step back.
11-12. 	Right step 1/4 turn to Right. Left foot touch next to Right.
 	(Facing each other holding both hands)

	Shuffles doing 1/2 turn changing places still holding hands
13&14	Left shuffle (L.R.L).
15&16	Right shuffle (R.L.R). Starting to turn 1/4 Right.
17&18	Left shuffle (L.R.L). Still turning 1/4 Right to change position.

	Step & Kick to the Right & Left side of each other.
19	Step forward at slight angle on Right foot to the Right of partner.
20	Kick Left foot to the Right side of partner at slight angle.
21-22	Step back on Left foot. Touch Right foot next to Left
23	Step forward at slight angle on Right foot to the Left of partner
24.	Kick Left foot to Left side of Partner at slight angle
25-26	Step back on Left foot. Touch Right foot next to Left

	Walk forward turning 1/2 turn Right to Change places
	Drop Left hands and raise Right hands for Lady to go under anti clockwise.
27-28	Walk forward on Right foot. Walk forward on Left
29-30	Step on Right turning 1/4 turn Right Touch Left turning 1/4 turn Right.
	Lady goes under Gents raised arm on the turns. You should now have changed places.

	Step touches to the sides. holding both hands.
31-32	Left step to Left side 1/4 turn. Right touch next to Left
33-34.	Right step to Right side 1/2 turn. Left touch next to Right
36-36	Left step to Left side l/2 turn. Right touch next to Left
	Letting go of Left hands & facing L.O.D.

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert


June 2000