Sweetheart Schottische

Choreographer  Unknown
Description 26 Count, Partner Circle Dance, Side by Side position
Music Diane - The Kentucky Headhunters - 140 bpm
Third Rock From The Sun - Joe Diffie - 152 bpm
Note There are many versions of the "Schottische". Please check
with your local dance instructors for the version danced
in your area.

1-2-3-4	Vine left, scuff right

5-6-7-8	MEN: Vine right, scuff left  (Left hand up/lady 1/2 turn right)

	LADIES:  1/2 turn right and - Step forward right, step in-place left
	Step in-place right, scuff left

9-12	MEN: Vine left, scuff forward right (Both hands up/lady full turn left)

	LADIES:  1 full turn left and -  Step in-place left, right, left, scuff right  

13-16	MEN: Vine right, scuff forward left, (Release left & raise right hand/lady 1 1/2 turns right)

	LADIES:  1 1/2 turns right and - 	Step right, left, right, scuff left  

17-18	Step forward left, scuff forward right
19-20	Step forward right, scuff forward left
21-22	Step back left, step back right
23-24	Step back left, scuff forward right
25-26	Step side right, scuff forward left

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