Sweet And Easy 

Choreographer: 	Larry Boezeman 219-987-2327 larry@mail.netnico.net
Description 	48 Count, Partner Dance in Right Side by Side [ aka Sweetheart ]
Music: 		Think It Over- Tractors on CD Not Fade Away (A Tribute To Buddy Holly) 
  		Big Heart - Gibson Miller Band   	
	Forward Shuffles , Step, Touch, Step Back, Hitch 
1&2 	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.
3&4 	Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
5-8  	Step forward on Left, touch Right toe behind Left, step back on Right , hitch Left leg.                      

  	Left Stroll, Scuff Right with 1/4 Turn Left , Right Grapevine, Left Scuff 
9-12  	Step forward on Left at 45 degree angle to left, slide Right up & behind the Left,
	Step forward on Left at 45 degree angle to left, scuff Right with a 1/4turn to left.
	(Gent: Drop left hand on turn & bring right hand over ladies head) 
13-16 	Man -Step Right to right side, step Left behind Right, step Right to left, Side, scuff Lef
	Lady -Do a Right grapevine almost in place, move up to Manís Left side on grapevine, scuff Left                       

  	Charleston Step, Ladies 1.1/4 Walking Turn, Manís 1/4 Walking Turn 
17-20  	Step forward on Leftt, kick Right forward, step back on Right, touch Left toe straight back. 
21-24  	Man - Step Lt to Lt side, step Rt next to Lt, step Lt with Lt while Doing a 1/4 turn to left, scuff Rt.
	Lady -Starting with Lt do a 1.1/4 walking turn to Lt in place, scuff Rt . Lady Is now on Manís Lt side.
  	(Hand holds: During turn bring Right hands over Manís head to Manís Right shoulder, Left
	hands follow thru on turn & end up in  front of Lady) You are both facing RLOD.                        

  	Forward Shuffles , 1/2 Walking Turn 
25&26  	Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right
27&28 	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left
29-32  	Man -Step Right , Left, Right, while doing a 1/2 turn to Left in place, scuff Left
	Lady -Step Right, Left, Right while doing a 1/2 turn to Right in place, scuff Left
  	(Hand holds: While turning , right hands go over Manís head, then over Ladyís  right
	shoulder ending up in Sweetheart position)                       

  	Step, Turn 1/4, Scuff , 
33-34 	Step fwd on Lt turning1/4 to Lt scuff Rt, (drop Lt hands, bring Rt hand over Ladyís shoulder)
35-36  	Step fwd on Right turning1/4 to left, scuff Left   (drop Right hands, rejoin Left side by side) 
37-38  	Step fwd on Left turning 1/4 to left, scuff Right ,    (rejoin Right hands)
39-40  	Step fwd on Right turning 1/4to left, scuff Left,  (Bring right hands to Ladyís right shoulder) 
41&42  	Shuffle to the Left side, Left, Right, Left. 
43-44  	Rock back on Right, recover forward on Left. 
45&46  	Shuffle to the Right side, Right, Left Right. 
47-48  	Rock back on Left, recover forward on Right
  	Repeat    							October 2000