Sway in Time

Choreographed by 	Estelle and Andrew Ward 18/10/2016
Description 	Commence facing reverse line of dance in sweetheart lady on outside
		(man’s left) Footwork same unless stated starting on Right.
Music 		Sway - Danielle Bradbery
		Alternative music any slow cha cha
	Rock recover forward recover, shuffle back ˝ turn walk, walk, shuffle.
1 2 	Rock forward on right recover on to left.
3&4 	Shuffle back RLR (along line of dance)
5 6 	˝ turn over left shoulder stepping forward on left, step forward right
7&8 	Shuffle forward facing line of dance LRL
	(facing line of dance in sweetheart)

	Quarter side behind shuffle, Walk Walk shuffle.
1 2 3&4 	Quarter turn to left stepping forward into line of dance on right, step left behind right.
	Quarter right as you shuffle forward RLR.
	(Release left hand bring right hand over ladies head and back on shuffle.)
5 6 7&8 	Walk forward L R Shuffle Step LRL.
	(Raise right hand if lady does optional turn – if not put hands back into sweetheart.)
	Rocking chair full turn on 2 walls shuffle.
1 2 	Rock forward on right recover on left
3 4 	Rock back on right and forward on left.
5 6 	2 walks forward completing a full turn over your left shoulder
	(Release right hands and raise left as your turn) –option no turn straight walk.
7&8 	Shuffle forward RLR 
	(regaining sweetheart position)
	Half pivot shuffle forward, Rocking Chair.
1 2 	Step forward on left half pivot to right (retain sweetheart position)
3&4 	shuffle forward into reverse line of dance LRL.
5 6 	Rock forward on right recover on left
7 8 	Rock back on right recover onto left.
	Start again and enjoy.					October 2017