Choreographed 	Val Reeves
Description 	Couples Dance In Side By Side [ Aka Sweetheart] Position
Music		Here In The Real World By Alan Jackson, Or Similar Tempo.

1-2 	Swivel Heels To Right, Swivel Heels Back In Place
3-4 	Swivel Heels To Left, Swivel Heels Back In Place
5-6	Right Heel Forward ,Right Back In Place
7-8	Left Heel Forward, Left Back In Place,

9-10	 Right Heel Forward, Right Knee Hitch,
	** [Make A Quarter Turn Left At Same Time If Single Line Dance]
11-12 	Step Back On Right, Step Back On Left,
13-14	Step Back On Right, Touch Back With Left Toe.
15-16 	Left To The Side, Cross Right Foot Behind Left

17-18 	Left To The Side, Touch Right Foot Beside Left.
	Let Go And Drop Left Hands & Raise Right

	** Mans Steps Ladies Steps
19 	Right To The Side Make A Full Turn To The Right On A Right.
20 	Cross Left Behind Rightright,Left,Right,Touch Left Beside
21	Right To The Side You Will Go Under Mans Arm
22 	Touch Left Beside Right Doing This.
	** Change Hands. ( Drop Rights & Join And Raise Left)
23	Left To Side Make A Full Turn To The Left, On A
24	Cross Right Foot Behind Left Left, Right,Lept, Touch Right Beside,
25 	Left To The Side Left. You Go Under Mans Left Arm
26	Touch Right Beside Left Doing This.
	Rejoin Hands And Both Do The Following.

27-28 	Step Forward On Right, Hop On Right,
29-30 	Step Back On Left, Hop On Left,
31-32 	Step Back On Right, Hop On Right,
33-34 	Step Forward On Left, Slide Right Up To Left,
35-36	Step Forward On Left, Touch Right Beside Left,
37-38	Step Forward On Right, Slide Left Up To Right,
39-40	Step Forward On Right, Touch Left Beside Right.
41-42	Step Left To The Side, Touch Right Beside Left,
43-44	Step Right To The Side, Stomp Left Beside Right. 

NB.** 	If Done As A Line Dance, Put Turn In At The First Asterisk, And Follow Lady's Steps At Other Asterisks

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

July 2000