Sun Stood Still

Choreographer 	Estelle Ward (with Tuesday class) Jan 2016 ~
Description 	32 Count, Improver Partner Dance Indian man behind woman facing OLOD
		hands at shoulder height Same Foot work throughout.
Music 		The Day The Sun Stood Still  Saloon Drifters (original by Travis Tritt)
Alt 		Unmistakable You - Darcy Wood
	Side Rock Recover Twice, Rumba Box
1 2& 	Step right, rock back left recover right
3 4& 	Step left rock back right recover left
5&6 	Right side left together forward right
7&8 	Left side right together forward left
	Side Shuffle Right, Sailor Quarter Right-Lock Step Forward Twice
1&2 	Right side together join left to right step left side
3&4 	left behind, quarter turn left right step left slightly side.
	(Arms Into Sweetheart)
5&6	Forward right, lock left behind right forward left.
7&8 	Forward left, lock right behind left forward right.
	Step Quarter Pivot Left Cross, Rock Recover Cross, 8 Count Weave
1&2 	Step forward right, quarter pivot left, cross right over left
	(Bring Right Arm Over The Top Of Ladies Head Into Reverse Indian)
3&4 	Rock left side, recover onto right, cross left over right
5&6& 	Step side right, cross left behind right, step right side, cross left over right
7&8& 	Step side right, cross left behind right, step right side, cross left over right
	Side Recover Cross, Rock Quarter Turn Right Step, Lock Step Forward,
	Step Quarter Pivot Right Cross.
1&2 	Rock right to side recover left cross right in front of left
3&4 	Rock left to side recover onto right as your quarter turn right step fwd left
	(Bring Arms Back To Sweetheat)
5&6 	Step forward right lock left behind right step forward right
7&8 	Step forward left quarter turn right cross left over right.
	(Return to Indian keeping hands at shoulder level)
	Start Again And Enjoy.				January 2016