Sun Dazed

Choreographed by 	Barb & Dave Monroe ( Feb. 2015
Description: 	32 count intermediate pattern partner circle dance, Opposite footwork 
		throughout with man’s footwork described Start in closed dance with 
		man facing OLOD & Lady facing ILOD
Music: 		Sun Daze - Florida Georgia Line
		Lonely Tonight - Blake Shelton & Ashley Monroe
	Slide, Touch, ¼ Turn Shuffle, Step ½ Turn, Shuffle
1-2 	Step L to L, touch R beside L (Closed Dance)
3&4 	Turning ¼ R shuffle R, L, R (single hand hold facing RLOD)
5-6 	Step L, turn ½ turn R stepping R (facing FLOD)
7&8 	Shuffle forward L, R, L
	Step, ½ Turn, Step ¼ Turn, Rock Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn
1-2 	Step R forward, turn ½ turn L stepping L (facing RLOD)
3-4 	Step R, turn ¼ turn L stepping L (facing OLOD)
5-6 	Rock back on R, recover on L
7&8 	Changing sides shuffle R, L, R turning ½ turn L to face partner (man facing ILOD)
	Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Shuffle
1-2 	Rock back on L, recover on R
3&4 	Cross shuffle L over R (L, R, L)
5-6 	Turn ¼ turn L stepping R (facing RLOD), turn ½ turn L stepping L (facing LOD)
7&8 	Shuffle forward R, L, R
	Rock, Recover (Lady Turns), ¼ Turn Shuffle, Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle
1-2 	Man: Rock forward L, recover R (bringing Lady’s R arm over her head)
	Lady: Step forward R, turn ½ turn L stepping L
3&4 	Turning ¼ turn L shuffle L, R, L (man facing ILOD, lady facing OLOD)
5-6 	Rock back R, recover L
7&8 	Turning ½ turn R shuffle R, L, 				March 2016