Sugar Daddy

Choreographed by 	Angela & Peter Kimber – July 2015 ~ 01993 831248
Description 	Start in Double Hand Hold – Man facing OLOD, Lady facing ILOD
		Opposite footwork throughout – Man’s steps given – Lady’s opposite unless stated
Music: 		Sugar Daddy - The Bellamy Brothers (CD: Rip Off The Knob)
Practice 		Man’s Best Friend - Monty Holmes (CD: All I Ever Wanted)
1-8 	Step over,Step back,Side shuffle,Weave over,side,behind,Step fwd with ¼ turn (to LOD)
1-4 	Step LT over RT,Step RT back,Side shuffle LT,RT,LT
5-8 	Step RT over LT,Step LT to side,Step RT behind LT,Step LT fwd with ¼ turn LT (to LOD)
	(Release fwd hands as turn – retain inside hands)
9-16 	MAN: Shuffle fwd,Rock,Recover,Shuffle back,Side rock
	LADY: Shuffle ½ turn (to RLOD),Rock,Recover,Shuffle fwd,Side rock
9-12 	MAN: Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT,Rock LT fwd,Recover on RT,
	LADY: Shuffle LT,RT,LT with ½ turn RT (to RLOD),Rock back RT,Recover on LT
	(Lady passes under Man’s RT hand as she turns – then pick up in Double Hand hold)
13-16 	MAN: Shuffle back LT,RT,LT,Rock RT to side,Recover on LT
	LADY: Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT to Man’s RT side,Rock LT to side,Recover on RT
	(Lady’s RT arm across front of Man – hands joined at waist level)
17-24 	MAN: Step side,Step behind,Triple step
	LADY: Walk LT+RT,Shuffle passing behind to Man’s LT side with ½ turn RT (to LOD)
	BOTH: Rock fwd,Recover,Shuffle back
17-20 	Man: Step Rt to side,Step LT behind,Triple step RT,LT,RT on spot
	Lady: Walk LT+RT,Shuffle LT,RT,LT passing behind Man to his LT side with ½ turn RT (to LOD)
21-24 R	ock LT fwd,Recover on RT,Shuffle back LT,RT,LT
	(Release hands as pass – then pick up inside hands)
25-32 	Reverse Rocking Chair,Shuffle fwd with ½ turn (to RLOD),Side rock,Recover
25-28 	Rock RT back,Recover on LT,Rock RT fwd,Recover on LT
29-32 	Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT with ½ turn RT (to RLOD),Rock LT to side,Recover on RT
	(Release hands as turn – then pick up inside hands)
33-40 	Cross shuffle passing behind Lady,Side rock,Recover
	Step fwd,Step fwd with ½ turn (to LOD),Shuffle fwd
33-36 	Cross shuffle LT over RT passing behind Lady,Rock RT to side,Recover on LT
	( LADY: Travel diagonally fwd as pass)
37-40 	Step RT fwd,Step LT fwd with ½ turn LT (to LOD),Shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT
	(Change to other inside hands as pass)
41-48 	Shuffle ½ turn x 2 travelling down LOD,Step,Slide,Shuffle
41-44 S	huffle LT,RT,LT with ½ turn RT,Shuffle RT,LT.RT with ½ turn RT travelling down LOD
45-48 	Step LT fwd,Slide RT beside,Shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT
	(Changing hands as turn)
49-56 	Step over,Step back with ¼ turn ,Side shuffle,Weave over,side,behind,side
49-52 	Step RT over LT,Step LT back with ¼ turn RT (to OLOD),Side shuffle RT,LT,RT
53-56 	Step LT over RT,Step RT to side,Step LT behind RT,Step RT to side
	(Join in Double Hand hold as side shuffle)
	That’s All Folks – Begin Again And Smile!		July 2015