Stuck In Traffic
Choreographed by  Garth Bock 
Description  Couples Fixed Pattern – Easy Intermediate Couples in Side By Side 
(aka Promenade) Position
Music  Traffic – Desert Justice (Promo Only July 2004)

	Toe Struts – Rock Step – Shuffle Back
1-4 	Left Toe Forward – Heel Down – Right Toe Forward – Heel Down
5-8 	Rock Left Forward – Recover on Right – Left Shuffle Back (L-R-L)
9-12 	Right Toe Forward – Heel Down – Left Toe Forward – Heel Down
13-16 	Rock Right Forward – Recover on Left – Right Shuffle Back (R-L-R)
	Left and Right Shuffle Forward, 1/2 Turn Right, Left Shuffle Forward (RLOD)
17&18 	Left Shuffle Forward
19&20 	Right Shuffle Forward
21-22 	Step Left Forward – Pivot 1/2 Turn Right
23&24 	Left Shuffle Forward

	Left Hand Release (Man) 1/2 Turn with Hip Bumps –
	Lady Steps in Place with Hip Bumps
	Man 					Lady
25-26 	Release lady’s Left Hand and 			Steps Right In Place – Steps Left In Place
	Step Forward on Right – 1/2 Turn Left (Faces LOD) 	(Continues Facing RLOD)
27-32 	Bump Hips In Twice – Bump Hips Out Twice – Roll Hips From Right to Left (4 Counts)
	Man Steps In Place 			1/2 Pivot Turn (Lady)
33-34 	Steps Right In Place – Steps Left In Place 		Steps Fwd on Right – Pivot 1/2 Turn Left
	R-L Walks – Right Shuffle – Left Ball Change
35-36 	Walk Forward R – Walk Forward L
37&38 	Right Shuffle Forward
39&40 	Kick Left Forward – Step Down On Left – Step Right Forward
	Left Shuffle Forward – Right Shuffle Forward
41&42 	Left Shuffle Forward
43&44 	Right Shuffle Forward
	Left Stroll – Stomps
45-46 	Step Left Forward – Lock Right Behind Left
47-48 	Stomp Left Forward – Stomp Right Next to Left
	Start Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2005
Optional Tag: After 4 repetitions of the dance there is a 16 count bridge.
	Dance counts 1-16 and then restart the dance.