Stronger For Two

Choreographed by 	Chris & Trev – Lonestar WPDC – May 2013 
Description 	32 Count Partner Dance, Same Footwork Throughout
		Start Facing LOD in Sweetheart position
Music 		Stronger – Chris James – 16 Count Intro – 77 bpm.
	(Adapted from the line dance Stronger - Gaye Teather)
1-8 	Fwd Rock ½ Turn RT, Triple ½ Turn RT, FWD Rock, Run Back x 3 Together
1&2 	Rock FWD on RT, Recover on LT, ½ Turn RT stepping FWD on RT
3&4 	½ Triple Turn RT, Stepping LT, RT, LT
&5-6 	Step RT Beside LT, Rock/Lunge FWD on LT, Recover onto RT
7&8& 	Run Back (Small Steps) LT, RT, LT Step RT Beside LT
	(On Count 1 Release LT Hands, On Count 4 Rejoin in Sweetheart)
1-8 	Lock Step FWD, Step, Pivot ¼ Turn LT, Cross, ½ Turn RT Cross, Sway, Sway
1&2 	Step FWD LT Lock RT behind LT Step FWD LT
3&4 	Step FWD RT Pivot ¼ Turn LT, Cross RT over LT (Now facing ILOD)
5&6 	1/4 Turn RT Stepping Back on LT,1/4 Turn RT Stepping RT to RT side, Cross LT over RT
	(Now Facing OLOD)
7-8& 	Step RT to RT Swaying Hips RT Then to the LT, Drag RT Beside LT (Weight on LT)
	(On Count 3 Release LT hands Bring RT over Lady’s head, Repeat on Count 5)
1-8 	Side RT back Rock, Vine LT, Cross, Side, ¼ Turn LT, Step, RT & LT Prissy Walks
1-2& 	Long Step to RT on RT, Rock Back LT Recover on RT
3&4&	 Step LT to LT Side, Cross RT behind LT, Step LT to LT Side, Cross RT Over LT
5&6 	Step ¼ Turn LT, RT Next to LT, Step FWD on LT
	(Now Facing LOD in Sweetheart)
7-8 	Step RT FWD Slightly Across LT, Step LT FWD Slightly Across RT
1-8	Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Step, Cross, Unwind ½ Turn RT, LT Step
	Lock Step, RT Rocking Chair
1&2 	Step FWD on RT, Pivot ½ Turn LT, Step FWD on RT
3-4 	Cross LT Over RT, Unwind ½ Turn RT (Weight remains on RT)
5&6 	Step LT FWD, Lock RT behind LT, Step FWD on LT
7&8& 	Rock FWD on RT, Recover on LT, Rock Back on RT, Recover on LT
	(On count 1 Release RT hands Take LT over Man’s Head,
	On Count 4 Come back into Sweetheart)
	Start Again				May 2013