Still In Dallas

Choreographed by 	Roger & Shirley Wales 01729 840673
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance start in Sweetheart Position facing LOD
Music 		She’s Still in Dallas by Hal Ketchum - CD Lucky Man
1-8 	Step lock step, ¼ turn right, together, side
1-4 	Step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right, hold
5-8 	Turning ¼ right step onto left, close right beside left, step left to left, hold
	Release hands on Count 8
9-16 	Man – Sailor step, rock ¼ turn left. 	Lady – ½ turn right, rock ¼ turn left
	Man Lady
9-12 	Rock back on right, recover on left, 	Make ½ turn right stepping back on right
	step right forward on right diagonal 	step left together, step right to right side
13-16 	Cross rock left over right, recover ¼ turn to left on right, step forward left
17-24 	Step ½ turn left, step, step, kick, step back
17-20 	Step forward right, pivot ½ turn left, step forward right
	(now left shoulder to left shoulder)
21-24 	Step forward left, kick right, step back right

25-32 	Side, together, side to left, step, kick, step back
25-28 	Step left to left, close right to left, step left to left
29-32 	Step forward right, kick left, step back left
33-40 	Side, together, side
	Man - Rock, recover ½ turn left, step 	Lady - rock back, recover, step
33-36 	Step right to right, close left to right, step right to right
	Man 				Lady
37-40 	Rock forward left, recover ½ turn left 	Rock back on left, recover on right,
	Step forward on left 			Step forward on left.
	Pick up left hands on Count 37
40-48 	Both
40-44 	Travelling forward make a ½ turn left on right, left, right
45-48 	Travelling forward make a ½ turn left on left, right, left
	Start again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert June 2011