Stepping Out
Choreographed by Jeff & Thelma Mills ~ 01886 821772
Description 48 count, Easy Intermediate Partner Dance, Man Facing LOD, 
Lady Facing RLOD, Start Right shoulder to Right shoulder No Hands, 
Same footwork throughout unless stated
Music Everybody Knows - Dixie chicks - 120 bpm - 32 count intro
CD: Taking the Long Way Home Any Upbeat Cha Cha

	Heel, Toe, Shuffle Forward, Rock Step, Shuffle Backwards
1-2	Touch right heel forward, Touch right toe back
3&4	Right Shuffle forward R-L-R
5-6	Rock forward onto Left, Recover onto right
7&8	Left shuffle back L-R-L
Note	On count 5 Clap right hand to right hand with next person in front of you]
	Point, 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Forward, 1/2 Step Pivot, Shuffle Forward
9-10	Point right toe behind left foot, make 1/2 turn right taking weight on right
Note	Man now facing RLOD, Lady facing LOD
11&12	Left shuffle forward L-R-L
13-14	Step forward on right, Pivot 1/2 turn left 
Note	Man now facing LOD, Lady RLOD
15&16	Right Shuffle forward R-L-R
	Man: rock Step. Lady: 1/2 Step Pivot Turn, Both: Shuffle Fwd, Walk x 2, Shuffle Fwd
	Man				Lady
17-18	Rock back on left, Recover on right	Step forward on left, pivot 1/2 turn right to face LOD
19&20	Left shuffle forward L-R-L
21-22	Walk Forward Right, Left
23&24	Right Shuffle forward R-L-R
Note	On count 17 Join right hand to right hand and go into right side by side on count 18
	1/4 Turn, Step Behind, 1/4 Turn shuffle, 1/2 Turn, Step Back, Shuffle Backwards
25-26	Step forward left1/4 turn right to face OLOD (Man now behind Lady) Step right behind left
27&28	Step left 1/4 turn left into a Left shuffle down LOD L-R-L
29-30	Pivot 1/2 turn left on left to face RLOD, stepping bak on right, Step back Left
31&32	Right shuffle backwards down LOD,  R-L-R
Note	On count 29, Release left hands, Raise right On count 30, rejoin left hands in front at waist 
	 height, Right hands will now be behind Man at waist height
	Point, 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Forward, Walk x 2, Shuffle Forward
33-34	Point left toe behind right foot, Make 1/2 turn to left to face LOD taking weight on Left
35&36	Right Shuffle forward R-L-R
37-38	Walk forward Left, right
39&40	Left shuffle forward L-R-L
Note 	On count 33, Release right hands, Raise left hands and return into right
	side by side position on count 34
	Rock Step, Coaster Step, Man: Rock Step, Lady: 1/2 Step Pivot Turn, Both: Shuffle
41-42	Rock forward on right, Recover on Left
43&44	Step back onto right, Step left next to right, Step forward on right
45-46	Rock forward on left, Recover on right	Step forward on left, Pivot 1/2 turn right to face RLOD
47&48	Left shuffle backwards down RLOD L-R-L	Left shuffle forward down RLOD L-R-L
Note	On Count 45, Release left hands, on count 46 release right hands and
	return to start position during counts 47&48
	On count 47&48. Man to complete a short shuffle back ending with weight 
	fully over his LEFT foot September 2006