Spinning Wheel

Choreographed by Karen & Peter
Description Partner Dance - Sweet Heart Position
Music We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This - George Strait

Step Lock, Shuffle 1/2 Pivot, 1/2 Pivot
1-2     Step forward Left lock, Right behind Left
3&4    Step forward Left bring Right to Left, step forward Left
        (Release Right hands & raise Left)
5-6     Step forward Right, man goes under Left hands making a 1/2turn Left
7-8     Step forward Right making a half turn Left, Lady goes under, Left arms
        (Rejoin hands back in sweetheart)

Rock Step, Coaster Step, 1/2 Pivot, 1/2 Turn shuffle
1-2     Rock forward on Right, rock back on Left
3&4    Step back Right, step Left beside Right, step forward on Right
5-6     Step forward Left and make a half turn Right
7&8    (drop Left hands and raise Right) Make a half turn right on a Left shuffle
     (Man going under arms back into sweetheart)

Rock Step, Shuffle, Lady’s Vine, Man Weave
1-2     Rock back on Right step on Left
3&4    Step forward right, bring left to right, step forward on Right
5-8     Man Cross Left over Right, step Right, step Left behind Right, point Right toe back
          Lady Step Left to left, step Right behind Left, step Left, point Right toe back

Shuffle Turns
1&2     Step forward on Right, bring Left to Right, step forward on right
3&4     Step forward on Left bring Right to Left, step forward on Left
5-8      Man (Raise Left hands) Step on Right to make a 1/4 turn Left, going under Left hands, 
          make 1/4 Left on Left (raise Right hands) going under Right hands, step onto Right making 
          another 1/4 turn Left, another 1/4 turn Left touching left besides Right
5-8      Lady (Raise Left hands) Step 1/4 turn Right on Right, left hands go over head step 1/4 turn Right on 
           Left, hands go over mans head (raise Right hands) step a 1/4 turn on Right, Right, hands over 
          mans head, another 1/4 turn Right scuffing Left beside Right back into sweetheart

Windmill Turn
1&2     Drop left hands, 1/4 mm left doing a Left shuffle at the same time raise Right hands over Lady’s head
3&4     Rejoin hands doing another 1/4 turn Left doing Right shuffle
5&6     Drop Right hands raise Left make 1/4 turn Left doing a Left shuffle at the same time as 
           Left hands go over the ladies head
7&8     Rejoin hands make 1/4 turn Left doing a Right shuffle back into sweetheart

Rock Step, Coaster Step Jazz Box With A Jump
1-2     Rock forward on Left back on Right
3&4    Step back on Left, step Right besides Left, step forward on Left
5-7     Cross Right over Left, step back on Left, step Right on Right
&8      Step Left besides Right, step on Right

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