Spartan Country

Choreographed by Ellie & Floyd Meerman
Description  40 Count, Partner dance in Side by Side position
Music A Thousand Miles from Nowhere – Dwight Yoakam
Why Haven’t I heard from You – Reba McEntire
Wishbone – Doug Stone
Dancing Shoes – Ronnie McDowell

1-4  Stomp in place Left, Right, Left, Right
Lady shifts weight to left as-
5-6 Bump hips inside to meet partners twice
7-8 Bump hips outside twice
Man quickly shifts weight to Right
9-10 Step forward on Left, Right
11-12  Step forward on Left, Tap right toes out to side at 2 o’clock
13-14 Step right across front of left, Tap left toes out at 10 o’clock
15-16  Step left across front of right, Stomp right beside left, [no weight]
Release lady’s left hand
Man Does a right grapevine with a scuff while the lady dos a three step turn to the right
with scuff [lady’s steps follow mans]
17 Step right to right Step right to right turning 1/4 right,
18  Step left behind right Step left to right turning 1/2 right
19  Right step to right Step back on right turning 1/4 right
20  Scuff left next to right scuff left net to right
Man does a left Grapevine with scuff, while the Lady does a three step turn to the left with scuff
Pick up lady’s left hand
21  Left step to left left step to left turning 1/4 left
22  Right cross behind left right step to left turning 1/2 left
23  Left step to left Step back on left turning 1/4 turn left
24  Scuff right scuff right
25-26 Step back on right, left
27-28 Step 1/2 turn with right and hop with left knee up [hitch / chug] Facing RLOD
29-30 Step forward on Left, Pivot 1/2 turn with right knee raised
31-32 Step forward on Right, Hop with left knee raised
33&34 Left Shuffle forward
35&36 Right Shuffle forward
37&38 Left Shuffle forward
39&40  Right Shuffle forward
Smile & Begin Again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2001