Southside Shuffle

Choreographed by Unknown
Description 52 count, 2 wall, beginner line/contra dance
Music Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

1-4	Two right fans
5-8	Two right heels forward and together
9-12	Right toe back, together, back, together
13-16	Two right toe touches to the right side
17-18	Two right stomps
19-22	Walk forward right, left, right, lift left
23-26	Walk back left, right, left right toe back
27&28	Touch right heel forward, hop on right, touch left heel forward
29&30	Hop on left touch right heel forward, clap
31-32	Bump hips right, left
33-36	Walk forward right, left, right, kick left( turn right)
37-40	Walk forward left, right, left, kick right( turn left)
41-44	Step side right, cross left behind, side right, kick left ( turn right)
45-48	Step side left, cross right behind, side left, kick right ( turn left)
49-52	Rock side right, left, right, stomp left. Optionally, step in place or stomp in place
This dance is done with two lines each other where when you walk forward and vine left you will
go in between each other (contra lines)

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April 2002