Choreographed by 	Hazel Pace - 01538 360886 - M: 0793 069 0002 -
Description 	32 Count Partner Dance. Start in Closed Western, Gent facing LOD, Lady facing RLOD
Music 		Things To Do In Wichita - Mark Chesnutt. 83/166 BPM CD: Rollin' With the Flow ~ Get it Here
		Intro: 16 Counts.
1-8 	Mambo Step, Side Shuffle 1/4 Turn CW, Rock Recover Side, Weave.
1&2 	Rock forward on left, recover on right, 		Right mambo back.
	step back on left.
3&4 	Side shuffle right, left, right making 1/4 turn 	Side shuffle left, right, left to face ILOD.
	to face OLOD.
5&6 	Rock left over right, recover on right, 		Rock back on right, recover on left, right to right side.
	left to left side.
7&8 	Cross right over left, left to left side, 		Left behind right, right to right side,
	right behind left. 				cross left over right.
9-16 	Side Rock, Recover 1/4 Turn, Step 1/2 Pivot Step, Step Lock Step, 1/4 Turn Rock Recover.
1-2 	Rock left to left side, recover 1/4 turn right. 		Rock right to right side, recover 1/4 turn left.
3&4 	Step forward on left, 1/2 pivot right, 		Step forward right, 1/2 pivot left, step forward right.
	step forward on left. (No hands).
5&6 	Right step lock step. 				Left step lock step.
	(Inside hands, facing LOD).
7-8 	Make 1/4 turn right rocking left to left side, 		1/4 turn left rocking right to right side, recover on left.
	recover on right. (Facing in Closed Western).
17-24	 Full Turn CW on the spot in Closed Western, 4 Counts, Rock Recover 1/4 Turn, Walk R-L
						(Lady 1/2 Turn Right, Step Back).
1-4 	Make full turn CW rocking from left to right as you turn, left, right, left, right. Lady right, left, right, left.
5&6 	Rock back on left making 1/4 turn left, 		Rock back on right making 1/4 turn right,
	recover on right, step forward on left. (LOD).	recover on left, step forward on right.
7-8 	Walk forward on right, left. 			Make 1/2 turn right, stepping back on left,
	(lady goes under her own right arm). 		step back on right. (RLOD).
25-32 	Shuffle, Side Rock Recover 1/4 Turn, 3/4 Triple Turn, Shuffle.
1&2 	Right shuffle forward, 			Left shuffle back.
3-4 	Rock left to left side, recover 1/4 turn right. Rock right to right side, recover 1/4 turn left.
5&6 	Make 3/4 triple turn right on left, right, left. 		Make 3/4 triple turn left on right, left, right.
	(No hands, turn to face partner).
7&8 	Right shuffle forward. 			Left shuffle back.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert January 2009