Slipped & Fell

Choreographed by Dave & Shirl Springett
Description  1 Wall Line Dance
Music  I Slipped & Fell in Love – Alan Jackson

1-2 	Step forward on left, Pivot 1/2 turn right
3-4 	Step forward on Left, HOLD
5-6 	Step Right to right side, Bump hips to right
7&8 	Bump hips Left, Right, Left
9-10 	Step right to right side, cross left behind right
11-12 	Step right to right side making 1/4 turn right, step forward on left
13-14 	Step forward on right making 1/2 turn right, step left making 1/4 turn to right
15-16 	Right cross behind left, left step to side making 1/4 turn to left
	[The above 8 counts form a Figure 8 Vine as in ‘just for grins’]
17&18 	Step right to right side, step left beside right, step right to side
19-20 	Step left back & Rock behind right, Rock forward onto right
21&22 	Step left to left side, step right beside left, Step left to side
23-24 	Step right back & rock behind left, Rock forward onto Left
25-26 	Touch forward with ball of right, HOLD
&27-28 Slide right back beside left, Step forward on Left, HOLD
29-30 	Step forward on right, HOLD
31-32 	Step forward on Left, HOLD
33-64 Repeat 1-32 on opposite foot pattern, Starting on Right
	Begin Again
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