Slap Your Grandma Twice
Choreographed by Kevin Winn - 
Description  32 count easy intermediate, progressive couples dance with 16 count intro.
Couples are on the outside of the dance floor. Men facing L.O.D, Ladies facing
R.L.O.D in Open Position
Music  Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins
Intro  Steps: Done only once after Trace says "Here she comes, here she 
comes" 32 counts after the beginning of the song

1-8 	Men - Bump Hard L, Bump Soft R, Bump Hard L, Bump Soft R, Step in place L, R, L, R
1-4	At a forward angle Bump L hip Hard to the L at the same time bringing L hip slightly up, at a back angle bump 
	R hip softly to the R and slightly down, Repeat hard and soft hip bumps
	Ladies: Do the same thing with opposite footwork
5-8	Step in place with L,R,L,R, (As Lady does an inside turn in place, release your R hand, as she
	comes back to face you make a hand exchange placing her R hand in your R hand and get ready to
	begin a West Coast Sugar Push)
	Ladies: Do a 4 count full inside turn to the left stepping R,L,R,L

9-16 	West Coast Swing Sugar Push: Men end w/ Stomp, Stomp, Ladies end w/ Triple 1/2 Turn L into Side By Side
1,2,3&4, 	Walk back L, R, Coaster step L,R,L
5&6, 7-8 	Anchor step R,L,R, Stomp home L, Stomp home R, (during counts 7,8, take lady into Side By Side, both facing L.O.D.
	Ladies: Do a Lady's Sugar Push for cts 1-6. While men step 7,8, Ladies do 7&8 making a Triple 1/2 turn L into side by side
	Both Partners are now in Side By Side position facing L.O.D and will be on the same footwork 'till the end.
	Dance Body
1-8 	Walk, Walk,  Turn, Touch, Rock, Rock, Rock,  Turn w/ Hook
1-4, 	Walk forward L, R, Step forward L while making  turn Right, Touch R next to L
Note: 	These first 4 "Starter" cts are modified as written below when restarting dance through remainder of dance.
5-8 	Rock side R, L, R, Turn 1/4 L on ball of right foot hooking L over R
9-16 	Shuffle Forward X2, Rock Forward, Recover, Step L, Pivot  R
1&2, 3&4 	Shuffle forward L,R,L, , Shuffle forward R,L,R
5-8, 	Rock forward on L, Recover R, Step forward L, (bringing hands down in front )
	ivot 1/2 R onto R, (bring hands over top and down in front) now both are facing against L.O.D.
17-24 	 Turn R, Hold,  Turn R, Hold, Jazz Box in place
1-4 	Step side L while making 1/4 turn R, (release R hand, pick up hands behind the man's back) Hold
	Step R while making 1/4 turn R, (release L hand, pick up hand in side by side facing L.O.D.) Hold
5-8 	In place Jazz Box L,R,L,R
25-32 S	tolen straight from the Schottische
	Both: Grapevine Left (Same for Ladies)
1-2 	Left steps to left, Right steps to left behind left
3-4 	Left steps to left, Kick/Dig with right 
	Men: Hands are lifted while turning the ladies but do not have to be let go
5-6 	Right steps slightly right, Left steps to right behind right (or steps in place)
7 	Right steps to right turning  turn to left, facing toward inside L.O.D.
8 	Kick/Dig with left
	Ladies: Hands are lifted while turning but do not have to be let go
5 	Right steps fwd across left prepping for what will be a  turn to right
6 	Left steps back turning  turn right, facing outside L.O.D
7-8 	Right steps back slightly, Kick/Dig with left 
Special Note: You will finish the dance in the Schottische Pattern, with both partners positioned
	slightly to the inside of couple's track.
Replacement Steps: To start dance again ladies move across track in front of man stepping (L,R,L,Touch R)
	Men accommodate lady's movement while stepping (L,R,L, Touch R) to position both partners facing outside L.O.D on ct 4 
	(Touch R next to Left) of section 1 of Dance Body. Resume Dance with ct 5,
	(Rock Right to Right Side).
	Continue dance always replacing the first 4 "Starter" step counts with those as noted above.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert June 2005