Choreographer Debra Siquieros
Description  32 count Partner Dance Partners start side by side, Couples are in Skaters position (Right hands on ladies waist, Left hands down and 
out in front)
Music  Live Close By Visit Often by K.T. Oslin
For a Latin feel try My Heart is Lost To You by Brooks & Dunn

1-8 	Walk forward Rt. Lt. Right Shuffle, Walk L.R, Left Shuffle
9-12 	Rock forward on Rt heel, back Lt, Coaster step (or shuffle in place)
13-16 	Lt forward, 1/ 2 Right 
	(end in reverse skaters, Lt hand on ladies waist, R out in front) Left Shuffle
17-20 	Forward Rt 1/2 Left (return to skaters) Rt Shuffle
21-24 	Rock forward Lt heel, back Rt, Coaster Step (or shuffle in place)
	(Man brings Lt hand down to lady’s waist & steps behind lady during Coaster step)

25-28 	Skate step forward to Rt on Rt, Hold, repeat with Lt, Hold
29-32 	Skate forward Rt, Lt, Rt, Lt (couples return to Skaters position on last skate step)
Option- On steps 29-32 man is behind lady, they release hands at hip and both do a full turn
	To the Right stepping into skaters position on step 32.
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