Sittin` on the fence

Choreographed by 	Heather Staddon April 2013 -
Description 	32 count partner dance sweetheart position Same footwork
Music 		Sittin’ on the fence - George Strait
		When love comes around - George Strait
	Rock Recover ¼ Shuffle
1-2 	Both Rock Right Across Left Recover Left
3&4 	Right Shuffle ¼ Turn Right (Now Facing OLOD
	Release left hand Pivot ½ turn right shuffle ½ turn right
1-2 	Release left hand’s step forward left raise right pivot ½ turn right
3&4 	Left shuffle ½ turn right OLOD
	Rock recover ½ shuffle pick up left
1-2 	Both rock back right recover left
3&4	 Right shuffle ½ turn left (pick up left hand behind man’s back) (now facing ILOD
	Rock recover ¼ turn shuffle
1-2 	Both rock back left recover right drop right hand raise left hand
3&4 	Left shuffle ¼ turn left (now facing RLOD
	Pivot ½ shuffle forward
1-2	 Both step right pivot ½ turn left right back in sweetheart
3&4 	Right shuffle forward LOD
	Man walk left right shuffle forward lady full turn shuffle forward (or both full turn)
1-2	 Release left hand’s take right hand over lady’s head full turn right Stepping left right
3&4 	Left shuffle forward
	Man walk right left shuffle forward lady full turn shuffle forward (or both full turn )
1-2 	Keep hold of right hand lady turn full turn left stepping right left right shuffle forward
3&4	Right shuffle forward
	Rock recover side shuffle
1-2 	Both rock Left across right recover right
3&4 	Left shuffle to left side
	Start again					July 2013