Sippin’ On Southern

Choreographed by 	Barb & Dave Monroe ( 03/29/14 or
Description 	32 Count Beginner Pattern Partner Circle Dance
		Footwork the same except where noted
		Start facing each other, man facing OLOD, lady facing ILOD
Music: 		Doin’ What She Likes - Blake Shelton
		Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
		Pirate Flag - Kenny Chesney
		Start dance on vocals
This dance was choreographed for our friends Wendy and Gianna, we hope you enjoy it.
	Cross Rock, Step, Hold, Cross Rock, Step, Hold
1-4 	Cross R over L (right palm to right palm), recover L, step R, hold
5-8 	Cross L over R (left palm to left palm), recover R, step L, hold
	Walk for ¼ Circle, Hold, Walk for ½ Circle, Hold
9-12 	Walk forward R, L, R, hold (R palm to R palm) for ¼ circle (man facing BLOD, lady facing LOD)
13-16 	Walk for ½ circle L, R, L, hold (man facing LOD, lady facing BLOD)
	Rock, Recover (Lady Step, ½ Turn), Step, Hold, Step, Lock, Step, Hold
17-20 	Man: Rock back R, recover L, step forward R, hold (sweetheart position)
	Lady: Step forward R, ½ turn L (weight on L), step forward R, hold (both facing LOD)
21-24 	Step L forward, lock R behind, step L forward, hold (or brush)
	Step, Lock, Step, Hold, Rock, Recover with man’s ¼ turn, 
	Step with lady’s ¼ turn, Hold

25-28 	Step R forward, lock L behind, step R forward, hold (or brush)
29-32 	Man: Rock L forward, recover on R with ¼ turn R, step L together, hold
	Lady: Rock L forward, recover R, step L together with ¼ turn L, hold
Note: 	Arms; On count 18 pickup lady’s L hand in sweetheart position
	On count 29 bring R hands over lady’s head, on count 30 drop L hands

							April 2014