Simply Traditional

Choreographed by 	Robert & Diane Jackson - Arjjaze Country Western Dancers 01/11/08
		01405 860993 - ~
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance, Start holding inside hands
		Mans steps listed, Opposite footwork throughout
Music 		Gone Out of My mind - Doug Stone  CD:Tribute To Tradition

	Step Kick, 1/4 Turn Touch, 1/4 Turn Step Kick, 1/4 turn Touch
1-2	Step forward on Left, Kick Right across left
3-4	Step forward on right turning 1/4 turn to face partner, Touch left
	Touch hands as you turn to face
5-6	Step forward on left turning 1/4 to face LOD, Kick right across left
7-8	Step forward on right turning 1/4 to face partner, Touch Left
	Into Closed Western

	Step Forward Touch, Step Back Touch, Walk, Walk, Rock Step
9-10	Step forward on Left, Touch right heel forward
11-12	Step back on right, Touch left toe back
13-14	Man -  Walk forward Left, Right
	Lady - Full turn Right on Right, Left Under Man's Raised Left Arm
15-16	Rock forward on Left, Back onto right, (Lady rocks back)

	Side Together, Side Together, 1/4 Turn, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn Shuffle
17-18	Step Left to left side, Step right next to left
19&20	Step left to left side, Slide right next to left, Step left to left side turning 1/4 turn to face LOD
21-22	Step forward on right, Pivot 1/2 turn left
23&24	Right shuffle forward R-L-R

	3/4 Turn, Cross Rock, Weave (Both - Side, Front, Side, Behind)
25-26	Turning right (Lady Left) Step forward on left, turning 1/4 turn right
	Turn 1/2 turn right pivoting on ball of left, Step down on right
	To Face Partner
27-28	Step Left over right, Recover back onto right
29-32	Step left to left side, Step right across left, step left to left side, Step right behind left

	Walk, Walk Shuffle X 2, Changing Places
	Raise Left Arm, Release right, Lady goes under raised arm, Left shoulders
33-34	Walk forward Left, Right (Behind Lady)
35&36	Shuffle forward L-R-L, Turning 1/4 turn into LOD
	Release Man's left, Lady's right, Pick up Lady's left in man's right
37-38	Walk forward Right, Left, (On the Diagonal)
39&40	Shuffle forward R-L-R Man passes behind lady into LOD
	Now back in start position

	Step Brush, Brush, Tap, Rock Step, Step, Tap
41-42	Step forward on Left, Brush right forward
43-44	Brush right back across left, Tap right toe down across left
45-46	Rock forward on right, Recover onto left
47-48	Step back on right, Tap left toe across right

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

November 2008